Attention American horn-dogs! Want to learn Mandarin Chinese? Great! Now you can learn Mandarin AND be titillated by Chinese lingerie models in the privacy of your own home with Sexy Mandarin. Forget about the difficulties of this complicated language, Sexy Mandarin’s “teachers” can teach you Mandarin while also entertaining you. Soft-porn, it turns out, can be used to stimulate more than just your primal instincts. You can be more than just an average horn-dog, you’re now a horn-dog that knows how to speak several phrases in Mandarin!

With China’s booming economy, Americans are trying to get their hands inside of Chinese pockets. The language, of course, is essential for doing business in China. But most shy away because of the difficulty of the language. In December of 2011, Sexy Mandarin’s YouTube channel under the name “The MandarinLearner,” based in Hong Kong, came about attempting to change the game. Today, this channel has 3,276 subscribers and 1,399,026 views, becoming a cyberspace phenomenon.

In each video, Sexy Mandarin teaches everyday phrases with their unconventional method of using sex as a tool to help viewers learn better. These “teachers” sport revealing lingerie, use suggestive body language, and speak in a sensual manner that is hard to ignore. The creators even utilize interesting story lines to keep short attention spans tuned in. All production elements point to a porn-like experience, including the music, lighting, story, plot, makeup, and wardrobe.

If you are serious about learning Mandarin, do not use Sexy Mandarin. This program does not focus on the language at all because most of the development is invested in the sex. Lessons are not methodical and are instead organized around “interesting” and “unforgettable” story lines. In other words, each lesson plan revolves around subjects males would find entertaining, such as Lesson 4 I’m so hot and Lesson 5 I’m Thirsty. The necessary tools required to teach a language are almost entirely absent, such as Chinese radicals, slow-paced pronunciation, or the explanation of characters. There is no repetitiveness of time allotted to ingrain the language. Instead, what is instilled are the arousing images of “sexy teachers.” Viewers are undoubtedly driven to the films to boggle over the scarcely clad women on the screen, completely bypassing the little Chinese instruction the film provides.

 More importantly, the social implications of these videos are a serious concern. The Sexy Mandarin channel is certainly not doing a public service for the status of women. Instead, it hyper-sexualizes and objectifies the female body, capitalizing on the fetishism of Asian women.

There are better programs such as Rosetta Stone that can help you master Mandarin, with genuine depth and rigor. If you are only interested in getting aroused, go back to your porn.