AMBER VERNETTI WRITES — It wasn’t too much skin, but too little smile that led Australian advertising authorities to can a provocative billboard last week.

The rejected ad.

The rejected ad.

The ad, promoting Ella Bache skincare products, featured three nude women with straight poker faces beneath the catchphrase, “Skin Solutions As Individual As You Are.” An amended version of the advertisement, including the same models and poses as the previous version, was accepted since the women were smiling.

Ella Bache’s marketing manager, Samantha Bragg, said that the models’ seriousness (aside from their nudity), made them appear too sexual and “come hither” to male onlookers.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the refusal to display the billboard was executed by Charmaine Moldrich and Emma Luttrell, chief executive and senior policy consultant of Outdoor Media Australia, respectively. Together, they monitor advertisement content and ensure that it is presented to the public in an appropriate and tasteful manner. The decision to veto the initial submission of the Ella Bache ad is in conjunction with increasingly rigid guidelines proposed in 2010 by the Advertising Standards Bureau which tracks down any publicity that goes against the more straight-laced standards.

The approved, 'happy' ad.

The approved, ‘happy’ ad.

The acceptance of the edited ad was due to the fact that the happy-looking models appeared “empowered and comfortable in their skin” rather than “naked and sexualized” when not smiling, revealed Moldrich. In this new age of avoiding content that may come across as offensive, companies are practicing a higher quality of discretion when advertising their commodities to potential consumers. Instead of that renowned model solemnity, you can expect more carefree smiles in future ads.

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