Author: Amanda Kretsch

JAPAN: Taiwan Makes a Sharp Move

AMANDA KRETSCH WRITES – Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has sealed the deal to take over and revive Sharp Corp, making this acquisition the first time a foreign company will acquire a Japanese electronics manufacturer. Hon Hai and Sharp negotiated for months, but with the downturn of Sharp, a rescue plan drafted by Hon Hai. Sharp took the offer as a means to save the company. Six years ago, Sharp was a strong electronics manufacturer, known globally for their manufacturing of LCD screens, solar panels, and other electronics. However, on May 14, 2015, Sharp decided to actively pursue...

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JAPAN: Active or Reactive? Nuclear Plants Met with Obstacles and Opposition

AMANDA KRETSCH WRITES – Recent efforts to reactivate the Takahama nuclear power plant have been shaky at best, since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster shutdown. The fourth reactor was reinstated in early February, but radioactive leaks and generator mishaps have been haunting the continuation of this project, making the government and the public wary of progress. On February 20, a radioactive coolant was found leaking into the water. Japan Times reported that the leak was due to “insufficient tightening of a bolt in a pipe valve” and not a problem with the infrastructure itself. The contaminated water amounted to...

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JAPAN: Harvesting Technology for Sustainability

AMANDA KRETSCH WRITES – In a technology-saturated world, it seems no lettuce leaf is left untouched.  Spread is a Kyoto-based Japanese company whose vision is to look for a sustainable way to bring fresh vegetables to the world, and they plan to open a robot-run farm in Kansai by 2017.  CEO, Shinji Inada, announced the new project, The Vegetable Factory, last year and promises a new low-cost and environmentally friendly system able to produce 30,000 heads of their “Vegetus” brand lettuce per day. Scientifically, this is also a remarkable feat of sustainability. The respected magazine Popular Science details the environmental ingenuities of the facility, which include...

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JAPAN: Japan Still Holding a Grudge, Taiji Still Hunting Dolphins

AMANDA KRETSCH WRITES – It’s been seven years since the release of “The Cove” but Japan evidently is still smarting. Former dolphin trainer and star of the brutal 2009 documentary, Ric O’Barry, arrived in Tokyo as a tourist last month and was immediately detained by officials. This isn’t the first time O’Barry has been held, but it is the first time he’s been denied entry to the country. After O’Barry refused deportation, the Japanese government made plans to issue an arrest warrant and is holding him in solitary near Narita International Airport, according to his lawyer. When “The Cove”...

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