Author: Amber Vernetti

VIETNAM: I Spy With My Little Eye

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES – Vietnamese journalist Ha Huy Hoang was arrested and convicted on the grounds of being an alleged spy for China earlier this month. Hoang, who worked for a Foreign Ministry-affiliated publication, will serve a six-year jail term.  Hoang’s lawyer, Ha Huy Son, revealed that “[Hoang] was found guilty of supplying information and material about Vietnam’s economy.” Relations between Vietnam and China have been rocky due to arguments over ownership of the Paracel and Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The Vietnamese Communist Party has political dominance, and maintains a sort of love-hate relationship with Bejing, adding to...

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SINGAPORE AND ASIA PACIFIC: Cybercrime – No Ski Mask Necessary

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES — Remember the scenario of a notorious masked bandit snatching an old lady’s purse, only to get caught/intercepted by police or a helpful stranger? While occurrences like this still exist in today’s world, crime has evolved with the times and has entered the digital age. The recent Symantec Internet Security Threat Report reveals that Singapore is “ranked the seventh highest in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of volume of such cases” and that popular cyber crimes are shifting from email to social media. This annual report contains information from more than 57.6 million sensors measuring cybercrime...

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ASIA-AT-LARGE: 2015 Festival of Media Asia Pacific

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES- The Festival of Media Asia Pacific (FOMAC), an event celebrating the accomplishments and new goals for the region’s media, took place this week from March 22-24 at the Capella Singapore, Sentosa. The festival gathered over 700 leaders of the region’s media from 22 countries and was a busy three days filled with networking opportunities, talks concerning the condition of the media climate, and celebrating the feats of the industry thus far. The festival is intended to promote goal-oriented thinking and the discussion of hot topics as mentioned by Charlie Crowe, founder of the FOMAC and Chairman of C-Squared:...

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AUSTRALIA: Unfriending Extremist Groups

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES- At a conference in Washington D.C. last week, Australian Attorney General George Brandis announced an $18 million program that will fight pro-terrorist websites by closely observing social media sites that promote terrorist ideals. Following the theme of the summit, “countering violent extremism,” this program, dubbed Combating Terrorist Propaganda in Australia, aims to reduce the influence of extremist groups on the Internet. The meeting at the White House included more than 80 countries and international establishments, and focused on eliminating extremism targeted towards the corruption of young minds. This is especially important at a time when groups...

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AUSTRALIA: Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES- This week Australia celebrated 2015’s Australia Day, a national holiday which commemorates the 1788 arrival of British ships at Port Jackson in New South Wales and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain under Governor Arthur Phillip. In celebration of this day, awards and appointments to the Order of Australia, an order of chivalry established in 1975 to recognize Australian citizens for their achievement and service, were given to deserving members of media and advertising among other industries. Network Ten’s Jessica Rowen, co-host for Studio Ten, was among the appointed members (AM) of the Order...

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Weekly Graphic Opinion

US and China need more soft power, not military hardware, to resolve their differences

US and China need more soft power, not military hardware, to resolve their differences

Tom Plate says history is moving in the direction of China and Asia, and America would do well to favour understanding over grandstanding read more...

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