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TAIWAN: News Media is a Bit too Starry Eyed

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES — The English-language newspaper The China Post recently criticized local news media in Taiwan. At Asia Media, we couldn’t agree more with what it had to say. In a recent editorial, the Post laments over local coverage of the second Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival. Their complaint centers on the portrayal of otakus […]

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TAIWAN: Leaving China? Welcome to Taiwan, Ramzy

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – In the wake of New York Times reporter Austin Ramzy’s unceremonious departure from Beijing, neighboring Taiwan has warmly welcomed him for a temporary stay while he continues his coverage of the mainland. Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that the government “welcomes international media enterprises and their staff” such as Ramzy. His arrival marks […]

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TAIWAN: Murder-Kidnap Creates a Flurry from Media

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Taiwanese people and media are outraged by the murder of a Taiwanese national and kidnapping of the victim’s wife in the Malaysian island of Pom Pom. Throughout late November, Taiwanese and Malaysian media covered the incident from all sides, ranging from international paper press, television news coverage and even social media outlets. […]

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TAIWAN: Singer Desert Chang Deserted by Chinese Fans?

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES — It looks like Taiwanese singer Desert Chang has spark political tension with China. Again. It seems small things, such as raising a Republic of China flag during a performance, can rub some people the wrong way. Chang, a leading alternative musician from Taiwan, performed last week in Manchester, England to a […]

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TAIWAN: Local Media Enthralled by Film Shoot in Taipei

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES — CUT! It out local Taiwnese news media! French director Luc Besson has had enough and wrapped up location shooting in Taipei ahead of schedule. This is due to the intrusion of local media on the sets of Besson’s upcoming film, Lucy.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scarlet Johansson and Luc Besson have been […]

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TAIWAN: Plurk – or Tweet?!

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES — Taiwanese netizens are obsessed with social media and social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, do not fail to recognize this. This is in lieu to Facebook and Twitters announcements to further tap into the potential of Taiwanese markets. But why are these companies so eager to have presence in this particular island? […]

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THAILAND: Give this Director an Oscar

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Hey Hollywood, want to learn how to make an emotionally charged film? Check out this three-minute commercial from Thailand. The ad has awed netizens seemingly overnight, showing up in countless reposts on Facebook and Twitter, and praised as more moving and poignant than most Hollywood films with far bigger budgets. What […]

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TAIWAN: Does Taiwan Media Need Reform?

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Taipei Times highlights the lack of a more diverse and critical media system. But wait, isn’t it one of the biggest newspapers in Taiwan? Recently, Taipei Times has published two articles stressing the media’s important role on uncovering news the government may have covered up, as well as the need for […]

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TAIWAN: Yes, Young Man, You Could Be a Rape Victim, Too

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Men are surprisingly alarmed to learn that they too can be victims of sexual assault. Taiwan’s Ministry of Education released a video three years ago entitled, If I Knew Boys Could Be Sexually Assaulted as Well. Uploaded to the internet about a month ago, the video became an insta-hit with netizens […]

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TAIWAN: Is It Only ‘Transparently’ Corrupt?

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES –  Transparency International has released its 2013 findings on official corruption and this year Taiwan took it on the chops. The annual assessments are widely respected, and can influence investment by foreign firms and the evaluations of other international agencies and nonprofits. For 2013, Taiwan’s politicians and media topped the list of […]

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TAIWAN: Modelling After China’s Great Firewall?

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Will Taiwan follow suit in building its own version of China’s unique Internet censorship policy known as the “Great Firewall”? China is infamous for its Internet services blocking international websites. For Taiwan, the country’s Intellectual Property Office says for now it will only target international websites notorious for file-sharing and other […]

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TAIWAN: Two Way Street for Television in China and Taiwan

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES- Taiwanese government fears losing influence over their citizens to China. With all of the talk about increasing cross straits dialogue, former Straits Exchange Foundation Chairman Chiang Pin-kung suggested introducing international news programs such as Hong-Kong based Phoenix TV and Beijing’s state-run China Central Television (CCTV) satellite channels to offer local viewers more […]

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TAIWAN: China Sings its Way into Taiwanese Media

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Recently a Chinese singing competition, “I Am a Singer”, captivated social, television, and news media attention in Taiwan.  “I Am a Singer” features seven Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong singers — former stars, whose stars had faded — who vie for another chance to make it big on the mandarin pop […]

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TAIWAN: Focus on the Visuals

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Can a slick design help deliver news to readers? One news source is betting on it. Focus Taiwan, an English news service of Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA), launched a new layout Monday hoping to wow readers with stunning images rather than text alone. The front page offers readers a novel, artsy […]

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TAIWAN: Why Should the People Know?

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Has Taiwan developed its first medium-range guided missile that can be used against mainland China? According to South China Morning Post and Michael Tsai, defense minister of the former government of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, this is true. In fact, Taiwan had successfully developed the missile back in 2008. Although […]

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