Author: Yvonne Epps

COSPLAY: Spectrum of Colors

  YVONNE EPPS WRITES- Summer is the season of sun, fun, and numerous nerd conventions throughout Southern California. These are notorious for attendees that cosplay, and I’m no exception. But as I prepare for Anime Expo 2015, the largest anime convention in North America, I can’t help but lament certain aspects. Cosplay is the act of constructing and wearing a costume based on a character from a poplar media source like an anime, a video game or movie. It has roots in both Japan and the West, where con-goers in Japan admired and emulated the costumed attendees of Star Trek...

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VIETNAM: Youth Protection Services Please!

YVONNE EPPS WRITES- Stories about children exposed to domestic violence or other abuses are shocking to read about, but as journalists we don’t want to add insult to injury. Thanh Nien News has been prolific in exposing the Vietnamese media’s abuse of child rights, specifically, incidents where the media breaches their privacy. They report that many newspapers have been violating children’s rights to privacy when they are victims of domestic violence and rape. Information like uncensored photos and home addresses have been published to inflate the shock factor of these stories, but at the expense of the child victims. In...

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VIETNAM: Of Progressive Leaps and Jagged Passes

YVONNE EPPS WRITES— Vietnam has come a long way since the start of the year. We’ve seen major progress with the acceptance of social media and dips with press freedom, but the road is still jagged and, if they don’t watch their step, they might end up hurt. The Economist reported that social media is now gradually becoming an influential platform for expression after a plan to chop down 6,700 trees across Hanoi was halted due to the protests of Facebook users. An initial campaign that planned to gather 6,700 followers, equal to the amount of trees on death row,...

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VIETNAM: Equal Coverage Needed for Gender Equality

YVONNE EPPS WRITES—Part of the reason why gender inequality is still a problem is due to our refusal to talk about it. In Vietnam, the discussion portal is open and someone is finally taking the podium. Thanh Nien News is on a roll with addressing gender inequality in the media.  During a conference held by the Ministry of Information and Communications, the leading Vietnamese language daily reported that delegates found that people in the media have poor awareness about the topic of gender equality. The discussion pointed to the media not being sensitive to publishing gender biased information.  This is...

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VIETNAM: Wild Salamander Chase

YVONNE EPPS WRITES— When the western world first saw the platypus, they were confused, but curious. Now, whenever we encounter strange animals in the media, we have the same reaction –  but that curiosity is only satiated when those animals are actually real. A man in the northern province of Vinh Phuc named Tung Nguyen posted pictures on Facebook of a large amphibian that he claimed he had captured in a local pond. The pictures attracted the attention of other Facebook users and even local authorities as the animal looked similar to a rare species of salamander. These two...

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Weekly Graphic Opinion

Why ‘macho’ Putin has the lead over Xi when it comes to American minds Tom Plate says US media and the likes of Donald Trump have made Russia’s president a hero while Xi and his China remain a somewhat unfathomable mystery

Why ‘macho’ Putin has the lead over Xi when it comes to American minds

Tom Plate says US media and the likes of Donald Trump have made Russia’s president a hero while Xi and his China remain a somewhat unfathomable mystery read more...

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