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MYANMAR: Blogging For Bloodshed

GABRIELLA CASTRO WRITES – The use of media propaganda to rally support is not a new phenomenon. However, using violent content to incite military backing is somewhat of a contemporary trend.   Myanmar is a country that is still ripe with social conflict and unrest within its borders. Sites are popping up all over the […]

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THAILAND: Saturday Night Live Faces A Tough Crowd

American television has managed to extend its normal offensive material from domestic viewers to Thailand’s very own Ministry of Culture. In a recent Saturday Night Live sketch poking fun at the learn-the-language product Rosetta Stone, sordid gentlemen were depicted as trying to learn Thai in order to solicit prostitutes. Thai PBS claims the video has […]

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THAILAND: Less Majesty for Foreign Journalists

Andrew MacGregor Marshall- author of the Zenjournalist blog, former Reuter’s staffer and an internationally respected journalist – has never been one to jeopardize his integrity to appease  the status quo. And so we have the case with his quarrel with the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT). This club has been active for 57 years […]

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MYANMAR: Retractable Reform

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This is abundantly evident in the case of Reporters Without Borders (RWB), the media rights group, who has called for reform in Myanmar’s media. The Bangkok Post recently reported that this group has urged Myanmar to fulfill their pledge of a freer media. […]

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MYANMAR: Our Tongue-Tied American President

Though the media in Asia and the rest of the world mainly applauded President Obama’s historic visit to Myanmar (Burma), some in the media nonetheless felt compelled to draw attention to his linguistic shortcomings. Oh well…and, really, they did have a point. What happened was that Obama had to deal with both Thein Sein as […]

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MYANMAR: Obama Set to Visit Key Asian Nations

President Barack Obama knows he is making history with his 80-hour stop overs in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and Cambodia. He will be the first President to visit half of the ASEAN membership while still in his first term. Speculation about Obama’s motives behind the visit have created an influx of opinions, but rest assured that […]

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