Author: Hiromi Ochi

JAPAN: A Timeline of Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest Controversy

HIROMI OCHI WRITES – YouTube vlogger Logan Paul, who caused outrage in Japan for his controversial “Suicide Forest” video, has returned, posting his first video after a month’s hiatus. The controversy began when Paul filmed a video in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, nicknamed “Suicide Forest” for the high number of suicides that have occurred there. Paul uploaded this video to his 15 million subscribers. In it, he and his friends encounter the body of a man left hanging after committing suicide. Upon seeing the body, Paul calls out, “Yo, are you alive?” and then, “Are you f**king with us?” Paul...

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JAPAN: Is there a limit to Anti-Trump Fervor?

HIROMI OCHI writes — It all started with President Donald Trump’s visit to Japan during his 12-day Asia trip. The President could be seen strolling with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan’s Akasaka Palace where he was then invited to feed the palace koi fish–a tradition with all foreign leaders visiting the palace. What could have been a simple, respectful procession, quickly turned into a media attempt to paint Trump in a bad light. Photos and videos quickly appeared on Twitter. The two significant photos first showed President Trump seemingly getting impatient while he spooned out fish food to...

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HIROMI OCHI WRITES – Prostitution is a complicated situation in Singapore. While prostitution is legal, pimping and soliciting are deemed illegal. The government of Singapore has adopted a pragmatic approach to this issue. Former Minister for Home Affairs, Wong Kan Seng, famously said in Parliament in 1999 that “criminalizing prostitution will only drive such activities underground, resulting in crime syndicates taking control over such activities.” Therefore, the Singaporean government hopes to contain the issue by centralizing the issue of prostitution to certain areas of Singapore known as Designated Red-light Areas. In today’s society, the Singaporean government is seeing an...

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SINGAPORE: Did Singapore’s First Female President Earn Her Presidency?

HIROMI OCHI WRITES – Halimah Yacob, Singapore’s first woman president, was sworn in September 14, marking the start of a six-year term. What could’ve been seen as an incredible feat in Singapore’s democracy by electing their first female president, is currently being overshadowed by the fact that she won without a single person in Singapore even casting a vote. Madam Yacob, who stepped down as Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament for the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC in order to run for this year’s presidential election, is currently under scrutiny for winning her election through a walkover. The 6th...

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