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BANGLADESH: From Blog to Arrest

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – On February 18, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), an anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of the Bangladeshi Police force, arrested 21-year-old Rasel Bin Sattar Khan for circulating an audiovisual message online. According to The Hindu, the message is believed to be from al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri who invites Muslims in Bangladesh to […]

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BANGLADESH: Journalists Under Arrest

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES –  Three Bangladeshi journalists were arrested January 16 for publishing what Information Minister Hansanul Huq Inu called a “baseless” story. The story in question was a report in the online and print editions of the pro-opposition Daily Inqilab that Indian security forces had helped Bangladeshi officials contain protests leading up to the […]

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BANGLADESH: Tweets for Change

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – Internet technology and Twitter join forces to spread awareness of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. The Accord is an independent, legally-binging agreement signed by over 100 apparel corporations, several Bangladeshi Unions, two global trade unions, and nineteen countries from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Its aim […]

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BANGLADESH: Spotlight Shifts to Tanneries

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – The Bangladeshi garment industry is no stranger to inspection in recent months, but the spotlight is now shifting from cloth to hide. The industry has been under a microscope ever since 1,129 people died earlier this year in the collapse of Rana Plaza, an eight-story commercial building that housed garment factories […]

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BANGLADESH: Televised Nationwide Quiz – No Cheating!

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – In the hopes of promoting a well rounded education, Bangladesh is turning to the media to showcase its first ever, nation wide quiz. Launched by the leading Bangladeshi newspaper, The Daily Star and the e-learning portal, the quiz tested kids from classes VI to X approximately between the ages of […]

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Bangladesh: Art in the Slums Honors Working Women

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – The hard-working women of Bangladesh were honored recently in an art exhibition just as beautiful as they are, with the added bonus of the art being reusable for housing insulation later! On September 13 a public art exhibition opened in the Korail slum, the largest in Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh. […]

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BANGLADESH: Bicycles Bring Internet to Rural Areas

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – Ladies clad in pink and blue uniforms on bikes are appearing in Bangladesh’s remote villages, bearing the gift of the Internet. These women, called “info ladies” ride their bikes across the countryside with laptops ready to hold Internet sessions for the disconnected. The Guardian newspaper reports that sessions with an info […]

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BANGLADESH: Collapsing Disaster in Booming Garment Industry

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – The worst disaster to hit Bangladesh’s garment industry happened on Wednesday, April 24th with a death toll of 344 and counting. The media regarding Bangladesh is dominated by this story and rightly so. With unapproved construction of parts of the garment factory and ignored warnings of a fragile building, several people […]

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BANGLADESH: Full Court Press Is Next?

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – A top editor at Bangladesh’s Amar Desh newspaper has been arrested and at least one human rights group says he’s being tortured in police custody. The international Committee to Protect Journalists, meanwhile, has called on the government to stop its official harassment of the Dhaka daily. How’d we get it this […]

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BANGLADESH: Blasphemy No Longer Allowed

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – Rest easy, readers. The Bangladeshi government has been busy clearing the cyberworld of blasphemous content. The Daily Star reports a group of “Muslim Clerics” submitted a list of bloggers they believe are responsible for alleged insults to Islam made online. The list was handed to a new government committee responsible for […]

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BANGLADESH: Poverty Decrease Gets ‘Daily Star’

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – One of Bangladesh’s leading newspapers, The Daily Star, has reported that poverty levels are decreasing. The United Nations’ latest development report stated that there are 40 poor countries that are helping to reduce poverty levels and that “Never in history have the living conditions and prospects of so many people changed […]

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BANGLADESH: Face(book) on the Moon

An amateurishly doctored picture of convicted war criminal Delwar Hossain Sayedee’s face superimposed on the moon has sparked violence by his supporters who apparently saw it as a divine omen. The photo, which was posted to the Jamaat-Shibir Facebook page Saturday night, quickly went viral, and was spread by supporters via cell phone and computers, reports […]

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BANGLADESH: Persistent Outrage Over Crusading Blogger’s Death

Bangladesh news coverage this month has been dominated by demonstrations in Dakha demanding stiffer sentences for war criminals from the country’s 1971 Liberation War. Now, hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis have been gathering as they also seek justice for the killing of Ahmed Rajib Haider, a blogger who helped organize the war crimes protests. Haider […]

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    Mobile Money has been making its way through Bangladesh. bKash Limited company is a subsidiary of BRAC Bank (a private commercial bank in Bangladesh) that has helped launch a new service that allows Bangladeshis to transfer money through their mobile phones. According to a report in The Economist, the relatively new expansion of […]

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BANGLADESH: Death Penalty Kills a Deal

A new proposal from Bangladesh to make counterfeiting money punishable by the death penalty has alarmed the German Bundensbank (German Central Bank) who originally offered to assist Bangladesh in detecting counterfeit money. The Economist reports that Bangladesh, plagued with more than 5,000 pending cases regarding currency counterfeiting, is scheduled to meet with officials from Bundensbank […]

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BANGLADESH: Television Program Uses Foreign Aid Money

Bangladesh is in hot water once again. But perhaps it shouldn’t be. You try to decide! The issue this time it the alleged misuse of millions of British pounds (1 pound = 1.5904 U.S. dollars) that Bangladesh received for financial aid. The Telegraph, a prestigious newspaper based in the United Kingdom, reports that 5 million […]

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