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KATRINA CROSBY WRITES – It looks like the exploitation of students dressed in ‘sexy school girl’ uniforms is not the best way to market a new app, at least in China. Beijing’s Yiweide Culture and Media Company found out the hard way when it offered students of Beijing Jiaotong University dates with beauty pageant contestants. The event began Wednesday, September 20, when contestants from’s Hyou 2017 Miss College competition lined up, ready for auction on the university grounds. The girls had a QR code on their skirt, allowing other students to scan it as they walked by. Contestants...

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KATRINA CROSBY WRITES – With Election Day upon us, New Zealanders are encouraged to show off their democratic pride with pictures of “I Voted” stickers or selfies taken at the polling stations, encouraging other Kiwis to come out and make their voices heard. This year, the polling stands looked a little different, with voters including a furrier crowd. The hashtag #dogsatpollingstations lit up social media on September 23, 2017, when the country came together to place their votes for this year’s general election. As New Zealanders gathered to local churches, community areas and schools, they had to choose between...

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KATRINA CROSBY WRITES – On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, novelist Ma Kwang-soo was found in the depths of his apartment in Seoul, South Korea hanging from his window pane with a scarf around his neck. Police ruled suicide as the cause of the 66-year-old’s death. Ma was a poet and literature professor at Yonsei University. He began by producing poems in 1977, but received most of his recognition in 1991, when his scandalous book, “Happy Sara,” was released. His novel focuses on Sara, a college student, who unashamedly embraces her sexuality, landing herself in situations including an affair with a married man...

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KATRINA CROSBY WRITES- Thailand’s political stability may be rocked in the upcoming week. With the trial of former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra awaiting its final verdict, the nation’s Supreme Court decision could lead to to a divisive emergence of the current political forces swirling under the surface of this otherwise beautiful country. On August 25, the court will decide if Yingluck, while prime minister, is guilty of negligence in the administration of her government’s rice subsidy program that involved massive official purchases of rice at a much higher rate than its market value. The charge against the program was...

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KATRINA CROSBY WRITES – Everyone can recognize that signature disk — its circular shape with its slight grooves and its deep black color. The vinyl record, in all its glory, is a true musical phenomenon. Generations old and young acknowledge it as the pinnacle of music platforms. While older folks find it a nostalgic reminder of their youth, younger listeners claim the sound is simply more authentic. It comes as no surprise why Sony Music Industries will be reopening its vinyl production facilities in Japan next spring. In 1989, Sony shelved its vinyl operations because of the growing popularity...

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