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AN ASIA MEDIA STAFFER WRITES –The second annual student Writing Prize  competition organized by The Atlantic and the College Board challenged high-school students to do a close reading of a work of art that inspires them. More than 2,000 students from 44 countries entered. Two dozen professors of composition and art history narrowed the field to 20 semifinalists, and a panel of judges from the College Board and The Atlantic made the final selection. The winner, Thanh T. Nguyen, lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, and will attend Duke University this fall. The winning essay by the student from Vietnam appears...

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NO DRONING ON: An Asia Media International Book Event

NO DRONING ON: At an informal but delightfully intense LMU book-salon seminar, faculty and Asia Media International staffers took up the complex and timely issue of drone warfare, while toasting the new book ‘Preventive Force, Drones, Targeted Killing, and the Transformation of Contemporary Warfare’ (New York University Press, 2016). The event was held last week at the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, to honor the book’s co-editors Kerstin Fisk and Jennifer Ramos of the LMU political science faculty.  The event was organized and sponsored by Asia Media...

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ASIA MEDIA WRITES – On April 6, LMU had the esteemed honor to bestow an Honorary Degree of Humane Letters on United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon. The UNSG gave a keynote address on the morning of the degree conferral ceremony, wherein he gave a short policy speech. Afterward, Ban spoke informally with some distinguished LMU students and professors in the Von Der Ahe Welcome Center. After the short talk, the UNSG posed for a quick photo with Asia Media staffers, Lamiya Shabbir (Pakistan), Sabrina Verduzco (South Korea), and Asia Media managing co-editor, Mary Grace Costa. Please see: Earlier, Ban...

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HONG KONG: Asian Art ‘Game-Changers’ Honored by Asia Society

ASIA MEDIA WRITES – The Asia Society held the 2016 Asia Arts Awards in Hong Kong on March 20 to honor three “game changers” in the contemporary Asian art community. As a leading educational organization and important authority in Asia, The Asia Society has been showcasing the Asia Arts Awards for more twenty years. The prestigious award ceremony recognizes groundbreaking artistic contributions and general excellence of Asian artists, such as Takashi Murakami, Zeng Fanzhi, and Bharti Kher. This year’s honorees included Cai Guo-Qian, Yoshitomo Nara, and Nalini Malani. Cai Guo-Qiang, a New York-based artist famous for “explosion” pieces and events, has...

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LMU: Congrats, Dr. Wang, ASPA Director and Stanford Fellow

ASIA MEDIA WRITES – Stanford University has just invited Loyola Marymount University’s Director of Asian and Pacific Studies, Dr. Robin Wang, to a fellowship with Stanford’s Center for Behavioral Studies. Professor Wang has been selected among many candidates, and the fellowship recognizes her significant contributions to the disciplines of Philosophy and Asian Pacific Studies. Dr. Robin Wang, also a professor of philosophy at LMU, is considered to be one of the most distinguished authorities of Chinese philosophical study. She is the author of Yinyang: The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture, a book that examines...

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Weekly Graphic Opinion

‘Blame it all on China’ – US and Britain playing a dangerous game with turn to scapegoating 

Tom Plate decries the increasing tendency of political and media sectors to see Beijing as the cause of all their woes, as it goes against the openness that has made America great read more...

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