Author: Miranda Pak

HONG KONG: Shining an Independent Light on ‘Dark Places’

MIRANDA PAK WRITES –  A year ago, as he perceived local media outlets to be bowing to editorial pressure from the mainland, British expat Tom Grundy thought Hong Kong could use an independent English-language news source. Spurred by events surrounding the Umbrella Movement, the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) became a reality this June. As described on its website, “In addition to highlighting the lack of plurality in the local media landscape, the Umbrella Movement protests exposed a gap between the Chinese and English media. Some stories, themes and angles featured in the Chinese media were missed or ignored by the...

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HONG KONG: Hard Times for Hong Kong’s Media

MIRANDA PAK WRITES — The bad news just keeps flowing for Hong Kong’s media. Recently, the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government (LOCPG) has taken control of Sino United Publishing Limited.  This publishing company owns Joint Publishing HK, Chung Hwa Book Co., and the Commercial Press, which are the three major bookstore chains in Hong Kong. The LOCPG already owns many Chinese-language media, such as the Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao and Hong Kong Commercial Daily newspapers and also the online Orange News. Gaining control of Sino United Publishing Limited gives LOCPG control over eighty percent of the publishing industry in Hong Kong....

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HONG KONG: Can Anyone Save ATV?

MIRANDA PAK WRITES – Everything must come to an end, including Hong Kong’s oldest TV station, Asia Television (ATV). ATV will have to stop broadcasting starting April 1st, 2016. Hong Kong’s Executive Council said they won’t renew ATV’s free-to-air license when it expires on November 30th of this year. ATV strove to be “Asia’s CNN,” but lost a lot of viewers in recent years due to their pro-Beijing stance and targeting of audiences in mainland China. The broadcaster did not have enough money to pay its employees, so it had to sell farmland and other things to pay them after not doing...

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CHINA and HONG KONG: Tweeting to Target Overseas Ties

MIRANDA PAK WRITES – Twitter, which has been blocked in China since 2009, opened an office in Hong Kong on March 10. Tweeting was blocked in China because officials were worried that citizens would use social media for their own benefit and plan large anti-government protests. Despite what many people think, Twitter actually wants to help Chinese businesses get into contact with people overseas instead of entering the Chinese market. According to Shailesh Rao, Twitter’s Vice President for Asia Pacific, Americas and emerging markets, the company is “…capitalizing on this growing trend where the most ambitious, entrepreneurial and successful Chinese companies...

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HONG KONG: Hope for the Media

MIRANDA PAK WRITES- With all the tension and protests in Hong Kong, it’s not surprising that media censorship is on the rise. Two recent reports show the decline of Hong Kong’s press freedom. The PEN American Center, a literary society and human rights organization, released a report stating that media self-censorship and physical attacks on journalists have unfortunately increased in Hong Kong. Another report, from the International Federation of journalists, revealed that Hong Kong’s media has been manipulated ‘behind-the-scenes’ and Hong Kong police have requested more web posts to be deleted in the last four months than in the last...

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