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LEBANON: Kicking Your Mother in the Face – Literally

NICOLE SABA WRITES – Imagine being estranged from your mother for years and then seeing her on a talk show, aimed at helping families reunite and fix their issues. While talking, your mother calls your father an abusive drunk. What’s your reaction? For Ahmad, an angry 15-year-old Lebanese boy, the logical response was to get […]

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LEBANON: A ‘Selfie’ Protest to Stop the Violence

NICOLE SABA WRITES – It all started with a series of deadly car bombings that happened in December. Other than the target of the initial explosion – Mohammed Chatah, former Finance Minister of Lebanon – four others lost their lives that day. Among them was Mohammed Chaar, a sixteen-year-old boy, who, in his last moments, […]

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LEBANON: Apologize to Hezbollah or Face Social Unrest?

NICOLE SABA WRITES – How could a skit lead to violent protests? Just ask the Lebanese! According to the Daily Star, a recent episode of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International’s (LBCI) show, “Basmat Watan” included impersonations of Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, as well as the Prophet Jonah, causing much unrest and chaos in the country. […]

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LEBANON: Apt Apps For Safety?

NICOLE SABA WRITES – What is the easiest way to stay safe? For Lebanese, the answer has just become clear: mobile app warnings. Lebanese people have been encompassed by instability for decades. Now, with war across the border in Syria, it has become even harder to envision what obstacles people are going to face. With […]

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LEBANON: Suicide on Film, Have They Crossed the Line?

NICOLE SABA WRITES – Imagine watching the evening news. With no warning and no disclaimer, a video of a woman committing suicide is aired. In a span of less than three minutes, you see a woman threatening to kill herself, while her husband, who is filming it all, pants and pleads for her to reconsider. […]

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LEBANON: Promoting Digital Media Literacy in the Middle East

NICOLE SABA WRITES – Though Arabs are as Net savvy as anyone, many Arab universities rely on Western resources to build their digital media studies and literacy curricula. Fed up with the second-hand material, Lebanon has hosted the first digital academy by and for Arabs. Built on the example of western institutions, the first annual, […]

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LEBANON: Who Are They Punishing?

NICOLE SABA WRITES- Lebanon has once again proven its sound relationship with media censorship.   “The Attack”, an award-winning movie directed by Lebanese director, Ziad Doueiri, was banned from airing in Lebanese cinemas. The Interior Minister of Lebanon, Marwan Charbel, claims that the reason for rejecting the movie is because it was partly filmed in […]

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KUWAIT: A Turn for the Worst?

NICOLE SABA WRITES – A new media law has been drafted in Kuwait, severely restricting both freedom of the press and freedom of speech. This law will let the government regulate both traditional and social media, including, but not limited to: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and any other online forums. Though the law has not yet […]

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LEBANON: Shaping the Future?

NICOLE SABA WRITES – With expressive voices and growing influence at home and abroad, participants in Lebanon’s online community are finally getting their due. The First Annual Social Media Awards, sponsored by RAGMAG Magazine and Online Collaborative, an NGO that began at the American University of Beirut, will conclude with an awards ceremony. Such an […]

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LEBANON: Hey, Who Was It That Hacked Us?

Lebanon is no stranger to electronic revolutions. It has become quite common for government websites to serve as platforms for hackers to raise their concerns. Last year, a group of Lebanese hackers known as Raise Your Voice (RYV) hacked approximately fifteen Lebanese government websites with demands for change, calling for an improvement in living standards. […]

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LEBANON: A Failure?

Freedom of the press seems to be growing across the Middle East, as the SHSU Global Center for Journalism and Democracy co-hosted the “Media Coverage of International Justice” conference in Lebanon this past week. The conference welcomed journalists and non-governmental organizations from across the world. While revolutions have been on the rise, the Arab media […]

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KUWAIT: Imprisoned for Tweeting

Freedom of speech continues to be challenged in the Middle East, as two Kuwaiti males, Ayyad al-Harbi and Rashed al-Enezi, were recently arrested for insulting the Amir of the country, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, on Twitter. Harbi, who has created a name for himself in Kuwait, was given his sentence two months after he was […]

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