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K-POP KORNER: Homosexual Slurs Do Not Make You a Tough Cookie

KELCEY LORENZO WRITES – Block B’s Zico has recently come under fire after the release of his official solo debut music video “Tough Cookie” on November 6th. In the video, the rapper uses a homosexual slur and is seen wearing a jacket with a Confederate flag. The music video is also being criticized for misappropriation of […]

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ASIAN GAMING: Gumi Goes Public

ALEX QUEJADO WRITES — If you’ve committed hours to the latest and greatest mobile role-playing game (RPG) or if you’re just playing Candy Crush while waiting for your bus, you’re part of the massive and growing mobile game market. With the prevalence of smartphones in today’s world, chances are you have downloaded and played at […]

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Eriko Lee Katayama


LMU ’13 and former Asia Media student Eriko Lee Katayama was crowned Miss Asia America at the gala 2014 pageant held at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in southern California. A large swath of Asia Media International Magazine staffers were present to cheer on this remarkable young LMU alumnus – and exult in her […]

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VIETNAM: Free Media Doesn’t Require Lifeguards

YVONNE EPPS WRITES — In a perfect world, there would be depth to the concept of press freedom in Vietnam.  Unfortunately, all they have now is a shallow kiddy pool that is severely monitored by ‘helicopter’ parents. The issue is becoming much more complicated as the party is finding more ways to shrink the kiddy pool […]

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SRI LANKA: Can the Web Mafia Make an Offer Presidential Candidates Can’t Refuse?

PEYTON CROSS WRITES-  As we are coming to terms with our recent midterm elections, Sri Lanka is approaching an election of its own.  Scheduled for January 2015, Sri Lankans are already being bombarded with ads and other negative campaign tactics regarding their future presidential candidates.  Most of these are funded through different parties, but recently […]

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INDIA: eBay Introduces a Whopper of a Sales Plan

ADRIAN NARAYAN WRITES – The world’s second largest burger joint is utilizing eBay in one of the most interesting ways. Burger King has laid out a plan to get Indians to pre-order its sandwiches online. Burger King aims to sell online vouchers to help promote this new idea.  Consumers can purchase a burger for the promotional price of […]

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INDONESIA: No More Visas?!

MICHELLE VARINATA WRITES – “Indonesia waives visa requirements!” With Asia One’s screaming headline, the recent passing of Indonesia’s visa requirement law pertains to only five countries: South Korea, Russia, Australia, China and Japan. Tourists from these five countries will be given visa-free travel by the Indonesian government. While this handful of countries receives royalty treatment, […]

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(Reprinted from various newspapers in Asia)  TOM PLATE WRITES: If our future is not to be dulled by the dead weight of the past, then a clear-headed prioritisation of the issues of the 21st century needs to be undertaken. This means keeping Asia – and thus China – in the top spot of the global […]

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EVENT: Social Justice in North Korea

On Monday November 10th, the Asian Pacific Student Services’ program S.P.E.A.C (Supporting, Promoting, Empowering, Asian Communities) will be hosting a discussion about the ongoing social justice issues in North Korea, the experiences of refugees, and the historical background of the division of the two Koreas from 7:30PM-9:30PM in Malone 112 (behind the commons). The group […]

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CHINA: All the Single Ladies

ASIA MEDIA WRITES – China’s most viewed dating show  “Fei Cheng Wu Rao” (“If You Are The One”) is produced by Jiangsu Satellite Television to satisfy Chinese women’s desperate need for the perfect man.  And it’s a huge hit. America’s most popular dating show, “The Bachelor” on ABC, has about 7.75 million views per episode and […]

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leung chun-ying

HONG KONG: Thumbs Down for Leung Chun-ying

ANNIE LUNDGREN WRITES – The recent pro-democracy uprising in Hong Kong has highlighted Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s growing unpopularity among protesters and their supporters. Since the uprising began in September, the CE has become no fan of electoral reform in Hong Kong. Currently, chief executive candidates are nominated by a 1,200 person committee of business […]

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JAPAN: Rocking Through the Mainstream

YVONNE EPPS WRITES — Imagine standing in the pit of the House of Blues, staring up at a four-man group that begins to sing in Japanese. It’s an indie Japanese music fan’s dream, and when you wake up, you realize that the American mainstream is being invaded. A trend is developing in which Japanese rock […]

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JAPAN: No Need to Evacuate the Dance Floor

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – The Japanese can now officially dance the night away without a curfew. Since 1948, dancing at any time past midnight in Japan has been illegal. But those who want to shake their groove things can now rejoice. The Japanese government is cutting back on the crazy “Footloose-esque” statute, and the 2020 […]

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NORTH KOREA: How the Other 90% Lives

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – When two Associated Press journalists visited North Korea over the summer, they saw things few, if any, foreigners have ever seen. No, they did not see concentration camps or nuclear weapons. But they did get to see what life is like for North Koreans from all walks of life. On their […]

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