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JAPAN: Committing Journalistic Seppuku

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – In a piece from The Japan Times, Columbia University’s Gerald Curtis states that, “the [Japanese] government doesn’t have to muzzle the press if the press takes it upon itself to do the muzzling.”  Shigeaki Koga, an ex-bureaucrat at Japan’s Ministry of the Economy, wants to tear off this media muzzle and […]

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MOVIE REVIEW: When Marnie Was There

ROBERT DYLAN FIELDS WRITES- Many of us in our early teenage years have to cope with self-doubt and struggle with our sense of self-worth. We may sometimes feel isolated from our peers and have difficulty bonding with other people. For some, this struggle can be much more severe, leading many to live as loners. Sometimes […]

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NORTH KOREA: Can’t Read Kim’s Poker Face

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Look out, Lady Gaga! Kim Jong-un’s poker face may be harder to read than your own. As debates over the actual extent of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities continue, Kim Jong-un asserts that his regime has advanced their nuclear weapons technology. The North Korean government has even provided pictures of their latest […]

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VIETNAM: Youth Protection Services Please!

YVONNE EPPS WRITES- Stories about children exposed to domestic violence or other abuses are shocking to read about, but as journalists we don’t want to add insult to injury. Thanh Nien News has been prolific in exposing the Vietnamese media’s abuse of child rights, specifically, incidents where the media breaches their privacy. They report that many […]

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SOUTH KOREA: There’s a New (Smart) Sheriff in Town

MARY GRACE COSTA WRITES – Big Brother might not be watching, but that isn’t stopping the South Korean government from making sure that Mom and Dad are. A new Android app called Smart Sheriff allows parents to monitor their children’s smartphones. The app lets parents know how long their son or daughter uses his or […]

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DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

ROBERT DYLAN FIELDS WRITES – When most people hear the word “animation,” the first thing that comes to mind are often animated works from figures such as Walt Disney.  A lot of the time, however, they do not step back and consider what the word animation really means. The word “animation” is derived from the latin word […]

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Qatar: Arrested for Trespassing, or Revealing?

ALEXIS CRUZ WRITES- Good PR is hard to obtain for Qatar, and last week it became even more difficult when Qatari security officers arrested a BBC crew reporting on migrant workers. The Prime Minister’s office had invited several media outlets, including the BBC, on an official tour of the new accommodations for migrant workers.  The […]

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K-POP KORNER: “Hangout” at Arirang’s After School Club

KELCEY LORENZO WRITES – English-speaking K-Pop fans no longer need to experience one-sided love from their idols and favorite groups from behind their computer screens. After School Club (ASC), produced by Arirang, is a web-talk show that allows international fans (fans not domestic to South Korea) to live video chat with their favorite idols. The […]

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UAE: Flipping the Bird Could Cost You

ALESSANDRA DALY JOHNSON WRITES- Be careful about what emojis you use in the United Arab Emirates. Earlier this May, a middle finger emoji was announced as part of a new Microsoft update, Windows 10, which will be released later this summer.  While this offensive emoji could be mistaken for an upside-down popsicle, it is clearly […]

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BANGKOK — The commander of the Thai Army has charged former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra with lese majeste for allegedly defaming the monarchy in a recent interview with a foreign news agency. Gen. Udomdet Sitabutr assigned an officer from the staff judge advocate corps to file the charge on his behalf yesterday, said one of […]

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LMU/LOS ANGELES: ‘Interactive International’ Seminars Launched

Asia Media Writes — This past spring semester, LMU competed three live interactive seminars with Fudan University in Shanghai, as well as a media workshop with China Daily, the English language daily in Beijing with the largest circulation in the world’s most populous nation. The Fudan series was conducted in collaboration with Prof. Doug Young […]

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Bill Hayton, THE SOUTH CHINA SEA (Yale University Press) – astonishing reportage, deep and thorough and convincing … Orville Schell and John DeLury, WEALTH AND POWER (Random House) – understanding China’s mentality via beautifully written portraits of leading figures through history … Sheila A.Smith, INTIMATE RIVALS (Columbia University Press) – Japan made simple and complex: […]

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AWARDS: Staff Writer Yvonne Epps Wins Big!

ASIA MEDIA INTERNATIONAL WRITES – Staff writer Yvonne Epps accepted the Loyola Marymount University Writing Award for First Place in the Journalism-News category on April 23.  Read her award winning article, Vietnam: A Step in the Right Direction for Social Media Freedom, here!  Congratulations, Yvonne!

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INDONESIA: Overcoming Adversity One Step at a Time

MICHELLE VARINATA WRITES – Picture a world of rainbows , puppy dogs and smiling children running through rose-scented gardens. Sure, it’s a dream. But for some, even imagining such a scene could prove impossible, so harsh is their reality. As one of the world’s most family-oriented societies, Indonesia prioritizes family as a cultural institution. While […]

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ASIA MEDIA STAFF WRITES – As interracial marriages are increasing every year in America, Chinese women are getting more attention in the interracial marriage pool.  American men can’t seem to get enough of their exotic, cute, and sweet image.  However, American’s love of Chinese women may lead them into dealing with something they are not so familiar […]

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