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A Sane Man Facing the Insanity  

America’s 44th president is often cruelly hit, if sometimes quietly and behind his back, with the wicked “w” word. For many angry or disappointed people — here and abroad — that word is: “wimp.” It is hurled in the direction of the White House of Barack Hussein Obama as an overall assessment of a US […]

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Historian Ikuhiko Hata.

JAPAN: Revealing the Facts or Covering Tracks?

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Retracting a story is a bold move in the field of journalism and tends to suggest a lack of research. On August 5, The Asahi Shinbun decided to retract not one story, but all stories that included a quote made by a Japanese man who claimed to have kidnapped and forced […]

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THAILAND: Generals Should Defend But Not Rule Their Countries

“The United States is an Asian-Pacific nation, and we take our enduring interests there very seriously. We know that America’s security and prosperity are closely and increasingly linked to the Asia-Pacific.” So spoke John Kerry, that peripatetic American diplomat. And so finally, if but for one excellent speech, the secretary of state has managed to […]

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VIETNAM: The News Rap Battle of the Century!

YVONNE EPPS WRITES —  Let’s face it; as someone who falls in the 13-25 age range, some of the only ways I stay informed about world events is through the Facebook trending tags and reblogs on Tumblr. A Vietnamese news venue has taken notice and approached the problem with a hip new solution. Vietnam Plus […]

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CHINA and JAPAN: An Explosion of Disrespectful Proportions

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – When a grudge is held between two countries, what sort of action is considered “crossing the line?” On July 3, the Chinese paper The Chongqing Youth News published a map of Japan with cartoony drawings of atomic mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki along with a headline stating “Japan wants a […]

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NORTH KOREA: New Music Video Upsets Government

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – If North Korea’s reaction to The Interview has not made it clear that the Hermit Kingdom takes portrayals of its Supreme Leader very seriously, the country’s opinion of a new Chinese music video featuring Kim Jong-Un will. The video consists of various clips of people dancing, fighting, and playing soccer with […]

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Indonesia presidential candidate Joko "Jokowi" Widodo smiles during an interview with Reuters in Jakarta

Congratulations to Indonesia

ASIA MEDIA STAFF WRITES - Congratulations are in order for Joko Widodo, the governor of the massive metropolis of Jakarta. After an arduous nationwide campaign against a tough, determined and extremely well-financed opponent, this personally modest but overly reformist former furniture salesman won by a margin of four-to-five percentage points.  In Indonesia they are calling this […]

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LOS ANGELES: A Stellar Showcasing of Soft Power

JEREMIAH FAJARDO WRITES – Despite lengthy lines and oppressive heat, L.A.’s annual Anime Expo broke its previous attendance records, embodying the growth and impact of Japan’s pop-culture diplomacy. Each Independence Day weekend thousands of passionate fans descend upon Southern California for North America’s largest convention for all things related to Japanese pop-culture. This year, for […]

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USC Announces New Safety Measures / 南加州大学(USC)现公布多项新举措以进一步完善大学知名的安全及安保系统,确保校园及其周边地区的安全。 Contact: (213) 740-2215 or August 8, 2014 – The University of Southern California is announcing a number of new measures to further improve what is already one of the most sophisticated and far-reaching security and safety programs in higher education. These enhancements, which are focused on increasing […]

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LOS ANGELES: Celebrating Japanese Pop-Culture in Cosplay

YVONNE EPPS WRITES - Earlier this July, Anime Expo, the biggest anime and manga convention in North America, was held. The event celebrated these pillars of Japanese pop-culture through industry guests, panels, and premieres. But, the main attraction was the thousands of attendees dressed as their favorite characters. Ladies and gentleman, cosplay has emerged! Created by […]

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