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QATAR: ISIS Social Media Accounts Cast Net

ALEXIS CRUZ WRITES – One could say that Al Qaeda is the grumpy old man to the Islamic State’s (ISIS) younger, vibrant, and more energetic twenty-something year old. Their success in recruiting is due to members being greatly familiar with modern technology and excelling at the use of social media. This puts their message on […]

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ASIA MEDIA WRITES: The East-West Center has announced the 2015 Korea-United States Journalists Exchange, scheduled for November 8 – 18, 2015. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Exchange. While Koreans generally have positive feelings toward the United States, Korean media are questioning the Korea-US relationship, suggesting it receives the least US attention among […]

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HONG KONG: ‘We Are Now in the Soup Together’

TOM PLATE WRITES (courtesy of the South China Morning Post): China, it seems, cannot win for losing. Exports-predator China is always ‘beating us’, bombastic billionaire businessman Donald Trump declaimed yet again on the campaign trail. But his timing on this point could have been better as last week was not exactly the best possible moment […]

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ASIA MEDIA WRITES: For all you Japanese literati types, do not miss the recent issue of GAIKO, the leading foreign policy journal of Japan, with its feature length essay on Singapore’s international-relations policy under the late, great Lee Kuan Yew.  The article was translated into Japanese from the English-language original of 2,000-plus words by Professor […]

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JAPAN, CHINA, and SOUTH KOREA: When Sorry Isn’t Good Enough

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Big occasions call for speeches that will be remembered for decades. Unfortunately, for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered one that disappointed many. Both China and South Korea wait anxiously every time the Prime Minister is scheduled to make a statement […]

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PHILIPPINES: A Picture Worth a Thousand Shares

MARY GRACE COSTA WRITES – In late June, nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera couldn’t find a light bulb to study under, but now, the inspirational Filipino boy certainly has a bright future ahead of him. On June 23rd, a college student by the name of Joyce Torrefranca found Cabrera studying on the sidewalk next to the food […]

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NORTH KOREA: Pesticide Plant or Weapons Warehouse?

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Last month, a “biological weapons expert” known only as Lee allegedly defected from his native North Korea to Finland. Yonhap News states that he “held a data storage device with 15 gigabytes of information on human experiments” which may prove the existence of North Korea’s alleged human experimentation programs. However, nobody […]

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QATAR: Playing Great Offense in the Media

ALEXIS CRUZ WRITES- Qatar is going on the offensive in the media game. The country wants the world to know that it is keeping the World Cup and is looking to start a rebranding effort. A Washington Post blog item published in May reported that 1,200 migrant workers had died on World Cup constructions sites. […]

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UAE: Bringing the Fight to Social Media

ALESSANDRA DALY JOHNSON WRITES – A new social media war has begun. On July 8, the United States and United Arab Emirates announced the launch of an information warfare center to combat the ‘slick’ social media presence of the Islamic State (known also as IS or Daesh). In a press release from the US government, […]

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Rishaad Salamat

VIETNAM: ‘Don’t Leave Us Alone’!

ASIA MEDIA INTERNATIONAL WRITES: The recent ice-breaking visit of the top Communist Party official of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to Washington triggered a worldwide media flurry of so-called ‘expert’ commentary. Nguyen Phu Trong was the first general secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party to visit the United States and the White House, and was […]

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