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PAKISTAN: General High Regard for Himself

LAMIYA SHABBIR WRITES – Raheel sharif, the army chief of Pakistan, is more famous on social media than Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain. The huge billboards in Karachi with his picture – and being on front page of newspapers everyday – has made it very hard for everyone to avoid him. Not […]

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EMILY ROCHA WRITES – Media coverage of the recent monumental meeting between Chinese and Taiwanese presidents differs between the two states, as each attempts to push their own agenda. On November 7, in Singapore, a historic handshake between the Beijing and Taipai leaders occurred, the first since the declaration of the People’s Republic of China […]

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Qatar: Protecting the People From Themselves

ALEXIS CRUZ WRITES – Social media sites give users a platform to voice their opinions. They provide a means to communicate with others and express whatever they wish. Some people post disrespectful material, and that’s when censorship and social media ethics enter into the equation. This is a problem Qatar is mulling over as more of its […]

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indias daughters

INDIA: Women in an Insensitive Society With a Feudal Male Mindset

ADRIAN NARAYAN WRITES – On Nov. 16, “India’s Daughter” will air at 10 p.m. ET on PBS’ “Independent Lens.” This critically acclaimed documentary originally aired on March 8, 2015 in a number of countries, but was banned from Indian TV.  British filmmaker Leslee Udwin’s film exposes the Dec. 2012 incident of a 23-year-old female medical student who was brutally […]

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HONG KONG: Alibaba Investing in SCMP Group?

MIRANDA PAK WRITES – China’s biggest e-commerce company, Alibaba is rumored to be in talks about investing in SCMP Group Ltd, which publishes Hong Kong’s leading English newspaper the South China Morning Post. According to China Daily, Alibaba is trying to expand into the media and entertainment industries. More specifically, the e-commerce entity is “in talks to take a […]

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INDIA: Social Media’s answer to Shiv Sena

ADRIAN NARAYAN WRITES– Can online declarations of love defeat real-world violence and intolerance? A few thousand Indian and Pakistani social media users are trying to find out. Connected by a mutual concern about the current state of Indian-Pakistani relations, internet users have been posting photos of themselves and short statements of peace and fellowship on Facebook, Twitter, […]

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SOUTH KOREA: Popular App is a Bad Babysitter

SABRINA VERDUZCO WRITES – Smart Sheriff, the most widely used child-monitoring app in South Korea, has been pulled from the market and public sphere altogether, after issues with privacy and security raised concerns about the program’s safety.  Initially, the surveillance app was created with the intent to serve as a pseudo-babysitter, where parents were able to monitor how […]

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PAKISTAN – A “Chance Meeting” Between Prime Minister Sharif and Modi

LAMIYA SHABBIR WRITES – It was the tweet heard across the subcontinent: India and Pakistan’s leaders play nice at a conference designed to save the world. Spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs of India, Vikas Swarup tweeted, “On a chilly November morning, PM @narendramodi is welcomed warmly by President @fhollande for @COP21 #COP21,” followed by […]

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CHINA: If Posts are Censored, Do They Make a Sound?

EMILY ROCHA WRITES – A new study has exposed further censorship of Chinese citizens. Following the release of a documentary exposing the high levels of air pollution in China earlier this year, it was found that users on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, called Weibo, were censored as they discussed the film. The documentary, titled “Under […]

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HONG KONG: Shining an Independent Light on ‘Dark Places’

MIRANDA PAK WRITES –  A year ago, as he perceived local media outlets to be bowing to editorial pressure from the mainland, British expat Tom Grundy thought Hong Kong could use an independent English-language news source. Spurred on by events surrounding the Umbrella Movement, the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) became a reality this June. As […]

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JAPAN: What’s the Buzz, Daisuke Furuta?

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – BuzzFeed, a site that every millennial is well aware of, has finally made a move to provide quizzes, funny cat gifs, and “would you rather” polls to Japan. At the helm of the site will be founding editor Daisuke Furuta. As a former member of the digital editions team at The Asahi […]

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NORTH KOREA: Blocking the Doors of Perception

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – When the state controls the media, what viewers get out of each story depends heavily on whether they live in the country or not. There is no better example of this than North Korea. Earlier this month, North Korea celebrated the 70th  anniversary of the ruling Korean Workers’ Party’s creation. Festivities included […]

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