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MALAYSIA: Google Hacked?

ALEX PARK WRITES – Google plays such an important part in today’s global society and it is our most used search engine. Countless numbers of people have Google accounts, which they use for things like email, social media and other websites and programs. It is terrifying to think that someone would hack such a personal […]

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QATAR: Changing the Channel

ALEXIS CRUZ WRITES- This year, two pan-Arab television channels were launched with the aspirations of providing an independent media platform. Al-Arab launched in Bahrain on February 1. Its owner, Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, promised that he could run the channel without any political interference and set up the base in Bahrain supposedly to […]

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VIETNAM: Equal Coverage Needed for Gender Equality

YVONNE EPPS WRITES—Part of the reason why gender inequality is still a problem is due to our refusal to talk about it. In Vietnam, the discussion portal is open and someone is finally taking the podium. Thanh Nien News is on a roll with addressing gender inequality in the media.  During a conference held by […]

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INDONESIA: When the Troll Takes a Toll

MICHELLE VARINATA WRITES – Given the fact that Indonesia is one of South Eastern Asia’s largest democracies, a core value in a democratic society is the freedom of speech. While social media provides a platform for people to vent their feelings and share their thoughts, it should not be treated as a place where everyone […]

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PHILIPPINES: Justice for Journalists?

MARY GRACE COSTA WRITES– Is killing journalists an act of war? Associated Press president Gary Pruitt believes it is. Last week at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Club, Pruitt suggested changes to international laws that would make killing journalists or taking them hostage a war crime, punishable under the 1948 Geneva Convention of Human Rights. […]

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HONG KONG: Can Anyone Save ATV?

MIRANDA PAK WRITES – Everything must come to an end, including Hong Kong’s oldest TV station, Asia Television (ATV). ATV will have to stop broadcasting starting April 1st, 2016. Hong Kong’s Executive Council said they won’t renew ATV’s free-to-air license when it expires on November 30th of this year. ATV strove to be “Asia’s CNN,” but lost […]

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NEW ZEALAND: The Rise of Convenient Entertainment

VERONICA BANEZ WRITES – Lightbox, Neon, Netflix, Quickflix, Sky TV. These are only a few of the many streaming movie and television services that are provided in New Zealand. James Croot and Blayne Slabbert, writers for the website, really put into perspective the wide range of differences between all the various online streaming services that […]

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INDIA: “Make in India” or “Break in India”?

ADRIAN NARAYAN WRITES—A government initiative to make a difference in the third largest Asian economy hasn’t gotten off to a very productive start. Announced back in September 2014, Make In India is an undertaking to invite international companies to manufacture their products in India. Since it’s launch, Make in India has brought in some major companies […]

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NORTH KOREA: 99 Red Balloons?

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES- In the midst of heightened tensions due to annual military drills between the U.S. and South Korea, the North Korean government has announced that they will not hesitate to respond to certain future transgressions by the South with overwhelming force. What are these transgressions, you ask? Dropping pieces of paper and DVDs […]

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QATAR: Time to Get Worker’s Rights in Shape

ALEXIS CRUZ WRITES- The last month has brought a flood of news about the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It’s been a controversial topic ever since FIFA awarded the tournament to Qatar, in part because of the country’s kafala system that critics say lets employers abuse migrant workers. When FIFA announced their proposal, reports on worker’s […]

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CHINA and HONG KONG: Tweeting to Target Overseas Ties

MIRANDA PAK WRITES – Twitter, which has been blocked in China since 2009, opened an office in Hong Kong on March 10. Tweeting was blocked in China because officials were worried that citizens would use social media for their own benefit and plan large anti-government protests. Despite what many people think, Twitter actually wants to help […]

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Future Without Terror

PAKISTAN: Facebook vs. Fanaticism

HAIG TER-GHEVONDIAN WRITES – The death of a single child is a tragedy; the death of over 100 can hardly be put into words. Last December, Taliban suicide bombers attacked the Peshawar Army School of Pakistan slaughtering students, faculty and staff. As most of the nation wept for the those who lost their lives, controversial cleric Abdul Aziz […]

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SAUDI ARABIA: The Saudis Strike Back

TRISTAN WILLENBURG WRITES– Western ideas clash yet again with Middle Eastern realities.  Saudi Arabia will no longer issue or renew the visas of Swedish nationals and has withdrawn its ambassador from Stockholm in response to the comments of a senior Swedish official.  An arms deal between the two countries has also fallen apart over the issue. The decision was reportedly […]

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ASIA-AT-LARGE: 2015 Festival of Media Asia Pacific

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES- The Festival of Media Asia Pacific (FOMAC), an event celebrating the accomplishments and new goals for the region’s media, took place this week from March 22-24 at the Capella Singapore, Sentosa. The festival gathered over 700 leaders of the region’s media from 22 countries and was a busy three days filled with networking opportunities, […]

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