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QATAR: Changing the Channel

ALEXIS CRUZ WRITES- This year, two pan-Arab television channels were launched with the aspirations of providing an independent media platform. Al-Arab launched in Bahrain on February 1. Its owner, Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, promised that he could run the channel without any political interference and set up the base in Bahrain supposedly to […]

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BAHRAIN: 31 Activists Stripped of their Citizenships

AHMED ALKHUZAM WRITES – This time last year, the Bahraini government decided to strip 31 opposition members of their citizenship. This time last week, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and Bahith Research Center jointly held a meeting in Beirut to help keep the issue of their fates alive. “The excuse is that they committed a crime […]

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BAHRAIN: The Pen Is Mightier than a Kalashnikov

AHMAD ALKHUZAM WRITES – Justice may be served, but at a smaller price to the criminals than anticipated. The Associated Press reported October 27 that a Bahraini court had cut the sentences — from seven years down to three — of two police officers convicted of killing journalist Abdul Karim Fakhrawi. Fakhrawi was a co-founder […]

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BAHRAIN: The Bahraini Spring

AHMAD ALKHUZAM WRITES – Protests continue in Bahrain as the authorities prepared for the Muslim holiday on October 15. The recent unrest has caused several serious injuries to civilians. One such case is Abdullah Yassin, who was hospitalized after suffering a shotgun wound from the authorities.  The recent demonstrations, which started on October 12th, were sparked by […]

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BAHRAIN: Human Rights Violator Wants to Judge

ELODIE INTROIA WRITES – Earlier this month, the European Parliament issued a warning on deteriorating human rights in Bahrain. Despite its seemingly progressive human rights legislations, NGOs and the international media have exposed the tight grip the kingdom is keeping on its citizens. Bahrain is a beautiful island country where people from all over the […]

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BAHRAIN: The Elite Ten List You Don’t Want to Be On

Our favorite media watchdog – Reporters Without Borders –famously publishes an elite list on which few people would want to be included. It’s a list of “Enemies of the Internet:” Countries whose governments are uncomfortable with the information flows that come from this history-altering technology. What’s particularly interesting to Internet watchers is who gets moved […]

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