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SRI LANKA AND INDIA: The Great Ebola Freakout

PEYTON CROSS WRITES-  Earlier this year, an Ebola outbreak in West Africa caused a health scare throughout the world. As of October 15 this year, there have been 17 confirmed cases of Ebola outside of West Africa.  While Ebola is a constant topic on the 6 o’clock news here in the US,  the small island […]

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Narendra Modi, India's incumbent Prime Minister.

INDIA: Is Modi a Murderer?

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – Has India elected a dangerous man? The media failed to answer this question. As Narendra Modi becomes leader of the world’s biggest democracy, his role in the killing of a thousand Muslims in 2002 remains murky. The 2002 Gujarat riots, a pogrom against Muslims, happened on Modi’s watch. His supporters claim he only failed […]

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INDIA: Elections Could be the Costliest Ever

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – The world’s largest democracy may finally be set to host the world’s most expensive elections. In the months leading to India’s April-May congressional election, the competing Congress and BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party, or the People’s Party) will spend upwards of $5 billion on TV, print, radio, and internet advertisements aimed at the […]

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The India Gate monument in New Delhi, India, enveloped by a blanket of smog

INDIA: Bogus Beijing Story Fogs Attention of Delhi’s Real Pollution Problem

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – A misleading story about Beijing’s virtual sunrise earned more press than Friday’s report naming New Delhi the world’s most polluted big city. The Daily Mail’s inaccurate story claimed that China’s government digitally simulates the sunrise on television screens throughout Beijing since its pollution blocks natural sunlight. Major media outlets around the world […]

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INDIA & PAKISTAN: Female Journalists Face Sexual Assault and Mistreatment at Work and on the Streets

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – Though they’ve reported on floods, bombings, wars, and protests in some of the most dangerous places in the world, female journalists in Pakistan and India are still threatened and mistreated at home. Despite repeated calls for change from groups ranging from the United Nations to the Women’s Media Center Pakistan, female journalists […]

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INDIA: The Media’s Whitewashing of Beauty

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – Want to be happy with your life? Then according to Indian media, make sure you have fair skin. A legacy from India’s caste system, fair skin is still considered essential for success in business and love, and the media still spread this message. Controversial products, such as whitening creams, are advertised in […]

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PAKISTAN: Action Movie Paints India as the Bad Guy

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – With explosions and non-stop action, Pakistan’s first action blockbuster, Waar, is making waves. Indians are less excited: they are the bad guys. Reuters offered a summary of the movie: “Indian villains team up with Islamist militants to plot spectacular attacks across Pakistan. Pakistani security forces jump in and save the day.” “Like […]

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INDIA: Elections Go Online, But Will It Matter?

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – If you live in India, expect a “friend request” from your local representative. The upcoming 2014 election will see an explosion of social media campaigning, according to The Times of India. India’s Bharatiya Janata and Congress parties are scrambling  to woo internet users. From local politicians getting in touch directly with their constituents, to party […]

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INDIA: Sexy Commercials Keep Women Vulnerable

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – The hanging of four men convicted of rape and murder will do little to stem misogyny in India. The solution lies with the media and how it represents women. From 1990 to 2008, the number of reported rapes in India more than doubled, according to official data. Unreported cases are thought […]

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PAKISTAN: At Prices This Low, Teens Can’t Afford Not to be Immoral

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES: You can’t trust your kids once the sun goes down. At least that’s what Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) officials say. The News reports that the Pakistani government has demanded wireless companies stop selling late-night cellphone packages to teenagers, claiming such deals will ultimately destroy the country’s culture. Their logic? Discount plans from companies like “Anonymous […]

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