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THE PLATE COLUMN: Should Crimea Be Such a Priority?

SYNDICATED COLUMNIST TOM PLATE WRITES — Viewed from Los Angeles, tiny Ukraine seems much, much farther away and remote from our core national interests than, for example, gigantic Indonesia. So perhaps something is wrong with us on the West Coast of the United States, and we simply fail to understand history? This past weekend, the […]

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TOM PLATE WRITES IN THE JAKARTA POST: Our favorite optimist of Asia is at it again, and may the gods of our future bless this learned man. He is Kishore Mahbubani (KM), the savvy Singapore policy-school dean and acclaimed author whose most recent book “The Great Convergence” might almost be considered an over-the-counter antidote to […]

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LOS ANGELES: Seen From Here, the Aussie PM Seems Clueless

The following PACIFIC PERSPECTIVES column was recently syndicated to newspaper editors in the U.S. and Asia. By Tom Plate  – A spat between Indonesia and Australia is not receiving proper attention in our media. This is predictable given American parochialism but, even so, it is causing serious heartburn in some Washington quarters — and genuine […]

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HONG KONG: Hong Kong Journalists Association Awaits Apology

LAUREN CHEN WRITES - After being told it was not only rude, but a security threat to shout questions at a recent economic summit, Hong Kong journalists in Bali, Indonesia refused to keep quiet and had their credentials yanked. According to ABC News, the reporters from Now TV, Radio Television Hong Kong and Commercial Radio were attending the Asia-Pacific […]

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INDONESIA: Overcoming the Media Conglomerate Wall

Since the 1998 Asian financial and political crisis, the media industry in Indonesia has been opened up fully, and is now freer from government control than ever. The media inarguably plays a crucial role in Indonesian democracy by educating its citizens and informing them of government activity. However, Indonesia’s media still has many obstacles to […]

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INDONESIA: Indonesians Take A Stand

Selina Swatek writes – In a storyline that is all too reminiscent of last year’s US elections, a candidate for the Indonesian Supreme Court, Daming Sanusi, has fueled media outrage after making an offensive comment regarding rape. During a parliamentary commission hearing to determine if he was a fit for the top court, Daming was […]

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TOM PLATE: The Islamic Challenge for America

Syndicated columnist and LMU professor Tom Plate writes — Within days, President Barack Obama is set to visit Southeast Asia and this is a very good thing. The region is becoming more significant by the month. U.S. policy is said to be in the process of ‘pivoting’ to Asia after decades of preoccupation with Europe. […]

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PRESS RELEASE OF THE WEEK: Free Books for Young Readers

From dubroWORKS PR / Marketing in Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA  – The non-profit organization The World is Just a Book Away (WIJABA) is proud to launch its Authors for Books program with the help of debuting author A.G.S. Johnson and renowned international journalist Riz Khan.  Both are donating a portion of the profits from the […]

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Leiron Kogoya, journalist, 35, was gunned down on a plane as it landed at Mulia Airport in the independent state of Papua. Kogoya wrote for newspapers Pasific Post and Papua Pos Nabire. At least five gunmen opened fire at 8 a.m in Mulia, injuring passengers as well as pilots, who then lost control of the plane as crashed it into a nearby terminal […]

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INDONESIA: Police Take Aim at BBC, Al Jazeera and Reuters!

Three foreign correspondents recently filed a report against the Indonesian National Police, accusing them of acid attacks. BBC’s Alice Budisatrijo, Al Jazeera’s Bobby Gunawan, and Reuters News Agency’s Louis Benjamin suffered chemical burns while reporting on the fuel policy protests at the gates of the House of Representatives. Anato Handoyo, cameraman for Jak TV, and […]

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INDONESIA: Internet Usage Rises—and So Do Tempers and Worries

The Communications and Information Ministry in Indonesia claims that it has effectively blocked nearly 1 million pornographic websites, and vows to continue its mass censorship of unfavorable Internet publications. According to the Jakarta Post, the nation’s leading English-language newspaper, “censorship on porn sites was in line with the government’s commitment to securing sites accessed by […]

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INDONESIA: For Love or For Politics?

Politics can make strange bedfellows, as the famous saying goes. Witness the brewing brouhaha in Indonesia, where a high-profile marital union is drawing almost as much attention as a presidential campaign. The upscale marriage is between the son of the country’s president (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) and the daughter of a top government minister (Hatta Rajasa). […]

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