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JAPAN: Taiwan Makes a Sharp Move

AMANDA KRETSCH WRITES – Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has sealed the deal to take over and revive Sharp Corp, making this acquisition the first time a foreign company will acquire a Japanese electronics manufacturer. Hon Hai and Sharp negotiated for months, but with the downturn of Sharp, a rescue plan drafted by Hon […]

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JAPAN: ‘Unbroken’ finally released in Japan

ERISA TAKEDA WRITES – Despite claims from the Right that the film lacked credibility, would hurt U.S.-Japanese relations, and put the country in a bad light, Angelina Jolie’s biopic “Unbroken” opened in Japan without incident February 6. Released under the title “A Man of Fortitude” — a direct translation of the book on which the […]

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JAPAN: What’s the Buzz, Daisuke Furuta?

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – BuzzFeed, a site that every millennial is well aware of, has finally made a move to provide quizzes, funny cat gifs, and “would you rather” polls to Japan. At the helm of the site will be founding editor Daisuke Furuta. As a former member of the digital editions team at The Asahi […]

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JAPAN: Netflix and Shrug

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – As of September 2, the citizens of Japan have been able to “Netflix and chill” to their heart’s content. Be that as it may, it looks as though they aren’t really into binge-watching uber popular, original series such as “House of Cards” or “Orange in the New Black.” Even with Japan exclusives like “Underwear” […]

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war_what is it good for

JAPAN: War! What is it Good For?

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Since the end of World War II, Japan has successfully avoided war as a way to settle international conflicts. The country’s constitution intentionally promotes peace by de-emphasizing its military. That may no longer work. Early Saturday morning, September 19, the upper house of Japan’s parliament passed controversial security bills that would […]

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JAPAN, CHINA, and SOUTH KOREA: When Sorry Isn’t Good Enough

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Big occasions call for speeches that will be remembered for decades. Unfortunately, for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered one that disappointed many. Both China and South Korea wait anxiously every time the Prime Minister is scheduled to make a statement […]

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Professor Tom Plate


ASIA MEDIA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDER TOM PLATE WRITES – So what’s in a phrase? Sometimes, it seems, a great deal, but not always what the glib phrase maker intended. History, we learn, often gets the last laugh. Our story begins years ago, you see, with a highly esteemed lady of the Washington establishment (in fact, back […]

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JAPAN: A Vote With a Porpoise

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Zoos and aquariums have seemingly always been under fire by animal rights activists and others who believe that putting animals on display is cruel.  To help ease tensions, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA) voted to stay part of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) on May […]

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COSPLAY: Spectrum of Colors

  YVONNE EPPS WRITES- Summer is the season of sun, fun, and numerous nerd conventions throughout Southern California. These are notorious for attendees that cosplay, and I’m no exception. But as I prepare for Anime Expo 2015, the largest anime convention in North America, I can’t help but lament certain aspects. Cosplay is the act of […]

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JAPAN: Committing Journalistic Seppuku

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – In a piece from The Japan Times, Columbia University’s Gerald Curtis states that, “the [Japanese] government doesn’t have to muzzle the press if the press takes it upon itself to do the muzzling.”  Shigeaki Koga, an ex-bureaucrat at Japan’s Ministry of the Economy, wants to tear off this media muzzle and […]

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JAPAN: The Pen is Mightier than the Government

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Stop to think about what it means to live in a democracy and freedom of the press will likely come to mind. Journalists being able to speak out about societal wrongs is vital to improving society and expanding the minds of the people they serve. But what happens when the government […]

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JAPANESE POLITICAL ART: Pussy Riot, Non-Russian Style

MIA MARTIN WRITES – A Japanese artist has pleaded not guilty to obscenity charges for allegedly selling 3D images of her vagina. Megumi Igarashi, 43, doesn’t deny she distributed the material, but in the trial that got underway this week insisted it’s not obscene. Instead, Igarashi, aka Rokudenashiko (“good for nothing girl” or “absurd girl”), […]

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