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NORTH KOREA: Miracle on the 38th Parallel

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Miracles happen every day, and the Korean Peninsula’s latest political development proves this. How else can you explain the fact that North and South Korea appear to be discussing a return to peaceful negotiations? At the Asian Games’ closing ceremony earlier this month, North Korean officials made an unexpected appearance to […]

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NORTH KOREA: Human Rights Capital of the World?

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Certainly a country with the title “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” is all about freedom and equality…right? Earlier this year, the United Nations published a report on the state of human rights in North Korea. It found that the country has one of the worst human rights records in the international […]

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NORTH KOREA: Professional Wrestlers Tackle Isolation

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Could sports succeed where years of diplomacy have fallen flat? On the heels of Dennis Rodman’s visits to the Hermit Kingdom, an international group of wrestlers, including athletes from Japan and the US, journeyed to North Korea recently to compete in a match before thousands of spectators. They visitors also played […]

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NORTH KOREA: New Music Video Upsets Government

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – If North Korea’s reaction to The Interview has not made it clear that the Hermit Kingdom takes portrayals of its Supreme Leader very seriously, the country’s opinion of a new Chinese music video featuring Kim Jong-Un will. The video consists of various clips of people dancing, fighting, and playing soccer with […]

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NORTH KOREA: One Does not Simply Ignore a Collapsed Building

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – The recent collapse of an apartment building in North Korea may reveal how the Hermit Kingdom’s media works. A large apartment complex recently collapsed in Pyongyang, but the national media made no mention of the incident until five days after the fact. While nobody knows why the media waited several days to […]

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NORTH KOREA: The Grass is Greener in South Korea

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – The North Korean government may slowly be losing the battle for the hearts and minds of its people. How is this happening in a country where the government uses propaganda, political repression, and secrecy to control public opinion? It appears that many North Korean citizens have been convinced that life is […]

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NORTH KOREA: It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – In today’s world, connections are everything. Knowing the right people can get you job offers and admission into prestigious schools. Or it can get you a prison sentence in North Korea. Forty performers were arrested and imprisoned in North Korea just for knowing Jang Son Thaek, the late uncle of Supreme […]

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NORTH KOREA: That Time of the Year

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Nothing says “stop it” like a country threatening to nuke its neighbor for taking part in a military drill. This is how North Korea responded to this year’s Foal Eagle exercise, which is an annual military drill held in South Korea between its forces and those from the Unites States. Also, it […]

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