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POVERTY PROJECT: Singapore’s Ugly Truth

VITTO BANEZ WRITES – Singapore is very well-off. At least that’s the perception. The skyline alone illustrates the nation’s growth.  The island country has become a hotspot for rich vacationers attracted by its fancy hotels and world-class cuisine. Looking at all that, it’s hard to believe poverty exists in a place like Singapore. Yes, it’s one […]

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SINGAPORE: George Yeo Goes to the Vatican

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – First a South American becomes the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and now he wants to bring an Asian onto his Council for the Economy? Oh, how times have changed! In all seriousness, we couldn’t be happier for George Yeo, who was just appointed as a member of the Vatican’s […]

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LOS ANGELES: Hong Kong – “New York in a Chinese Fortune Cookie”

The following interview with Asia Media founder and editor in chief Tom Plate was conducted by G. Bruce Smith of the firm of SMITH WRITING & PR in Culver City, California ( The occasion is the U.S. release of Professor Plate’s new book IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUTURE (Marshall Cavendish International Asia, 2014).   […]

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SINGAPORE: ‘The Era of E-Asia Has Dawned’

From Our Friends at the influential Asia Media Information and Communication Centre in Singapore comes the announcement of the 2014 Asia media conference, to be held next year in Thailand (domestic events permitting…). The announcement: “Globally, the last decade has seen exponential growth in the use of mobile technologies and the Internet. From e-mail to […]

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Leandra Ramm

SINGAPORE: Six Years a Stalker

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – It has been said “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Perhaps stalking is second highest? And the new frontier seems to be taking place on the cyber highways. Sure, stalkers may be a problem that has existed since the dawn of civilization, but Web avenues make this crime all the […]

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SINGAPORE: Un-Neighborly Brawl Goes Facebook Viral

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – There are all types of neighbors, ones that lend a cup of sugar, ones whose names we never learn, and ones who play their music loudly. Of course, the worst of all are the ones who play their music loudly and then physically abuse their elderly neighbors for complaining about it. […]

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SINGAPORE: Malaysia Only Wants to be Friends in Secret

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – As Singapore’s president, Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam, made his first diplomatic visit to neighboring Malaysia, Singapore news outlets stressed the importance of a strengthened relationship, while Malaysia sang a better-off-without-you tune in its own media. The Straits Times and Singapore-based Channel News Asia stressed the value of the visit and focused […]

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SINGAPORE: Thoughts about Lee Kuan Yew at 90

TOM PLATE WRITES – Lee Kuan Yew, whom I first interviewed in 1996, was always a terrific interview and if you ask Western journalists how many public figures they can say this of, you may be surprised at how few they name. But I cannot think of one journalist who left Istana after an interview […]

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