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SINGAPORE: Extremist Selfies Lead to Government Crackdown

JOHN PO WRITES – While Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is still contemplating the decision to join the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the country has ramped up its own online efforts in the fight against religious extremism. Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Teo Chee Hean reported to parliament in July […]

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SINGAPORE: Party Poopers Censor Birthday Bash

JOHN PO WRITES – Even as Singapore’s National Day came and went Aug. 9, planning for the island city-state’s 50th birthday bash is already in full gear. The special committee set up to plan and implement this celebration has been dubbed SG50, or singapore50. A big point of departure for this year’s planning is that the committee […]

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AUSTRALIA: There’s Beauty in Every Box

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…or perhaps it’s in a box. Bellabox, an Australian beauty subscription service, received over $3 million in backing from Allure Media, digital publisher of PopSugar and Shopstyle.   With the help of Allure Media’s funding, bellabox will expand its subscription services to international destinations […]

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POVERTY PROJECT: Singapore’s Ugly Truth

VITTO BANEZ WRITES – Singapore is very well-off. At least that’s the perception. The skyline alone illustrates the nation’s growth.  The island country has become a hotspot for rich vacationers attracted by its fancy hotels and world-class cuisine. Looking at all that, it’s hard to believe poverty exists in a place like Singapore. Yes, it’s one […]

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SINGAPORE: George Yeo Goes to the Vatican

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – First a South American becomes the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and now he wants to bring an Asian onto his Council for the Economy? Oh, how times have changed! In all seriousness, we couldn’t be happier for George Yeo, who was just appointed as a member of the Vatican’s […]

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LOS ANGELES: Hong Kong – “New York in a Chinese Fortune Cookie”

The following interview with Asia Media founder and editor in chief Tom Plate was conducted by G. Bruce Smith of the firm of SMITH WRITING & PR in Culver City, California ( The occasion is the U.S. release of Professor Plate’s new book IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUTURE (Marshall Cavendish International Asia, 2014).   […]

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SINGAPORE: ‘The Era of E-Asia Has Dawned’

From Our Friends at the influential Asia Media Information and Communication Centre in Singapore comes the announcement of the 2014 Asia media conference, to be held next year in Thailand (domestic events permitting…). The announcement: “Globally, the last decade has seen exponential growth in the use of mobile technologies and the Internet. From e-mail to […]

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Leandra Ramm

SINGAPORE: Six Years a Stalker

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – It has been said “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Perhaps stalking is second highest? And the new frontier seems to be taking place on the cyber highways. Sure, stalkers may be a problem that has existed since the dawn of civilization, but Web avenues make this crime all the […]

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