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JAPAN: Taiwan Makes a Sharp Move

AMANDA KRETSCH WRITES – Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has sealed the deal to take over and revive Sharp Corp, making this acquisition the first time a foreign company will acquire a Japanese electronics manufacturer. Hon Hai and Sharp negotiated for months, but with the downturn of Sharp, a rescue plan drafted by Hon […]

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EMILY ROCHA WRITES – Media coverage of the recent monumental meeting between Chinese and Taiwanese presidents differs between the two states, as each attempts to push their own agenda. On November 7, in Singapore, a historic handshake between the Beijing and Taipai leaders occurred, the first since the declaration of the People’s Republic of China […]

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TELEVISION: Fresh Off the Boat is a Fresh Look at the Asian-American Experience

ANNIE LUNDGREN WRITES – ABC’s newest primetime show, Fresh Off the Boat, reminds us that America’s complicated race relations can be funny, too. Set in 1995, the sitcom follows a Taiwanese-American family’s move from D.C.’s Chinatown to a white middle-class suburb in Orlando, Florida, where they learn how to fit in with “mainstream” Americans. The narrator […]

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TAIWAN: Words Can Hurt

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES– Someone find Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je a public relations specialist pronto! The newly elected official is getting heat from Taiwanese and international media for tone-deaf comments made in the past week. On January 29, Foreign Policy magazine published highlights of a January 20 interview with the former trauma surgeon-turned-mayor. In his first high […]

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TAIWAN: Media Gets Burned With Cooking Oil

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Media lesson learned in Taiwan this week: don’t let tainted cooking oil taint your responsibility in reporting. In light of recent reports on the sale of bad cooking oil in Taiwan, the media had a frenzy covering this controversy, including speculation causing an increase in worry for the Taiwanese public. This did not […]

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TAIWAN: Sunflower Student Movement Shines All Over the World

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – It appears that Taiwanese students learned a thing or two from the movements of their American and French counterparts in the 1960s. Instead of simple protest demonstrations at Cal Berkley, students in Taiwan had a larger stage in mind: the Legislative Yuan and Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. The movement, dubbed […]

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TAIWAN: Leaving China? Welcome to Taiwan, Ramzy

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – In the wake of New York Times reporter Austin Ramzy’s unceremonious departure from Beijing, neighboring Taiwan has warmly welcomed him for a temporary stay while he continues his coverage of the mainland. Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that the government “welcomes international media enterprises and their staff” such as Ramzy. His arrival marks […]

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cover new tom plate on asia-1

CHINA: Why Beijing Needs to Take It Slowly

A BOOK EXCERPT. Adapted from “In the Middle of The Future: Tom Plate on Asia,” to be published here in the U.S. next month by Marshall Cavendish International. TOM PLATE WRITES: Asia did not achieve its current status on the world stage as an overnight success. Hardly. But despite millennia of development, the region was […]

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TAIWAN: Murder-Kidnap Creates a Flurry from Media

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Taiwanese people and media are outraged by the murder of a Taiwanese national and kidnapping of the victim’s wife in the Malaysian island of Pom Pom. Throughout late November, Taiwanese and Malaysian media covered the incident from all sides, ranging from international paper press, television news coverage and even social media outlets. […]

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Desert Chang Taiwan

TAIWAN: Singer Desert Chang Deserted by Chinese Fans?

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES — It looks like Taiwanese singer Desert Chang has spark political tension with China. Again. It seems small things, such as raising a Republic of China flag during a performance, can rub some people the wrong way. Chang, a leading alternative musician from Taiwan, performed last week in Manchester, England to a […]

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TAIWAN: Local Media Enthralled by Film Shoot in Taipei

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES — CUT! It out local Taiwnese news media! French director Luc Besson has had enough and wrapped up location shooting in Taipei ahead of schedule. This is due to the intrusion of local media on the sets of Besson’s upcoming film, Lucy.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scarlet Johansson and Luc Besson have been […]

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TAIWAN: Plurk – or Tweet?!

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES — Taiwanese netizens are obsessed with social media and social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, do not fail to recognize this. This is in lieu to Facebook and Twitters announcements to further tap into the potential of Taiwanese markets. But why are these companies so eager to have presence in this particular island? […]

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