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Asia Media International Founder Tom Plate writes in his syndicated column: History never comes to a halt but snakes its way into the future as it wishes – often in unexpected and sometimes tragic ways. Whether via revolution or counter-revolution, any abrupt change in citizen participation and political structure will shove nations onto trajectories that, […]

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THAILAND: Generals Should Defend But Not Rule Their Countries

“The United States is an Asian-Pacific nation, and we take our enduring interests there very seriously. We know that America’s security and prosperity are closely and increasingly linked to the Asia-Pacific.” So spoke John Kerry, that peripatetic American diplomat. And so finally, if but for one excellent speech, the secretary of state has managed to […]

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THE TOM PLATE COLUMN: Crying for Thailand

SYNDICATED COLUMNIST TOM PLATE WRITES (7 May) — More than almost any political crisis on the face of the earth today – more than in Russia, Ukraine and Crimea; even more, in a way, than in dreadfully miserable Syria – it is the crisis in Thailand that seems so sad. Because this tragedy need not […]

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THAILAND: The Nation’s Twilight Zone

ELIZABETH NAAI WRITES – Thailand looks eerily like a Twilight Zone episode or George Orwell’s 1984. On April 17, parents of 34-year old Chatwadee ‘Rose’ Amornpat accused their daughter of violating lèse majesté. They turned in seven clips as evidence to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD). Derived from the Latin phrase for the “injured majesty,” […]

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TOM PLATE WRITES:  The stakes in the outcome of the ongoing Thai Crisis are huge and go beyond the strict parameters of the country itself. Geopolitically, Thailand has been a solid U.S. ally, particularly during the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Economically, it has been a vital force amid the cluster of Association of […]

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THAILAND: Is the South a Tourist Destination? Sadly, Not Right Now

ELIZABETH NAAI WRITES – Religious violence taints Thailand’s picturesque south shores. Most Thais are Buddhist, but the south hosts a large Muslim Malay population near neighboring Malaysia. Both religions renounce violence, but attacks have claimed 5,700 lives since ethnic religious conflict began there in 2004. Recently, eight minutes of raining bullets transformed the quaint district […]

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THAILAND: A Clean Sweep

ELIZABETH NAAI WRITES – A Yellow-shirt “boy’s club” has Thailand’s Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, in its cross hairs. Democrat party leaders and public spokespersons air Yingluck’s dirty laundry as a further attempt to delegitimize her and undermine the February 2nd snap election. Khao Sod daily newspaper released a video of Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, the Election Commission (EC) […]

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Former Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin: Why did they have to do that?

In December 2010, in his exile home in Emirate Hills, a suburb of Dubai, former Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra sat down with American journalist Tom Plate for an exclusive series of five two-hour interviews that became the basis of the controversial book “Conversations with Thaksin” (Marshall Cavendish Singapore, 2011). In one of those conversations, […]

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South Korea Election

WOMEN OF ASIA: Can “Dragon Ladies” be Taken Seriously?

ELODIE INTROIA WRITES – Today, 23 of the 100 most powerful women in the world are Asian. Among that group are political leaders, heads of large corporations and philanthropists. Yet, despite their different backgrounds, they all work towards redefining the role of the modern Asian woman. Although Asian women have won political elections, they often do not receive […]

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TOM PLATE WRITES IN HIS INTERNATIONALLY SYNDICATED COLUMN: – A country of beauty is in danger of turning into a beast. The Kingdom of Thailand, the land of the smiling people, the gorgeous countryside and a storied history as the once-upon-a-time Siam, now has a severe case of the political uglies. This Constitutional democracy, anchored […]

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THAILAND: Press, a Watchdog of the People?

ELIZABETH NAAI WRITES – Thai politicians are considering an amendment to the Computer Crimes Act that would essentially isolate the country in cyberspace. Already in the tight grasp of bill’s current form and lèse majesté, the proposed amendment would erode what little rights the media has in the nation. Thailand ranks 135 out of 179 countries […]

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THAILAND: Political Trend Alert – Red is Out

ELIZABETH NAAI WRITES – Donning a “Red shirt” may soon be a political faux pas due to the highly contested Amnesty bill before Parliament. After 2010’s violent political strife, Thailand finds itself navigating the retributive versus restorative justice debate. Deep political rifts between the Red and Yellow shirts have done little to alleviate the country’s […]

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THAILAND: Sexist Comment Against PM Further Marginalizes Women in Politics

ELIZABETH NAAI WRITES – You will find more honor and justice in a playground sandbox than you will in most governments. Former Prime Minister and Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva is accused of insinuating Prime Minister Yingluck is a “stupid bitch” after her visit to the reality show “Thailand’s Smart Lady,” reports Bangkok Pundit. Regardless […]

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