TAIWAN: Yes, Young Man, You Could Be a Rape Victim, Too

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Men are surprisingly alarmed to learn that they too can be victims of sexual assault.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education released a video three years ago entitled, If I Knew Boys Could Be Sexually Assaulted as Well. Uploaded to the internet about a month ago, the video became an insta-hit with netizens causing heated discussion and spurring parodies.

In the video, a teen skips school and hangs out at an Internet cafe. An older man lures the teen home, gets him drunk, then rapes him. Afterwards the teen seeks help from a social worker, reports the rape, and receives counseling.

National Academy of Educational Research Secretary-General Kuo Kung-pin claims the video has achieved its purpose-to become a topic of conversation among youth. It serves as a reminder that men can be raped as well.

The video went viral on Youtube reaching over 800,000 views. Popular lines being repeated include, “Stop, Brother Jay!” and “Oh come on, you’re blushing.” Although many humorous videos have been uploaded, the subject matter is of actual importance. According to Want China Times, Taiwan counted 12,066 victims of reported sexual assault in 2012, including 1,335 men.

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