HIROMI OCHI writes — It all started with President Donald Trump’s visit to Japan during his 12-day Asia trip. The President could be seen strolling with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan’s Akasaka Palace where he was then invited to feed the palace koi fish–a tradition with all foreign leaders visiting the palace. What could have been a simple, respectful procession, quickly turned into a media attempt to paint Trump in a bad light.

Photos and videos quickly appeared on Twitter. The two significant photos first showed President Trump seemingly getting impatient while he spooned out fish food to the kois. The second photo then depicted Trump dumping all the fish food into a koi pond. However, the images are misleading, cutting out a vital aspect of the story

Trump, for once, was not behaving as badly as he was portrayed. He was instead following Abe’s lead as the Japanese Prime Minister was the first to dump his food into the pond.

Major news site such as CNN, The Guardian and Bloomberg, were all quick to attack Trump. The media’s reaction is comparable to the infamous Bush vomiting incident where President George W. Bush was caught vomiting on the ex-prime minister of Japan during a state banquet hosted in Japan. Similar media intentions could’ve been what incentivized news outlets to paint Trump as the uncouth American and Abe as the traditional and respectful Asian.

All this over fish food being dumped into a koi pond.

CNN Reporter Veronica Rocha even posted a video on her twitter, of the camera first showing Trump spooning out the food and dumping the fish food, totally cutting off the part where President Abe dumped all the fish food by panning the camera in on Trump when it happened. CNN Political Contributor Brian Fallon even went as far as to tweet a comparison, implying that Obama performed the koi fish feeding with more grace than Trump on his visit.

CNBC’s Christina Wilkie tweeted, “Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe were scheduled to feed koi spoonfuls of food. Until Trump poured his entire box of fish food into the pond.”. This tweet by Christina Wilkie has now been deleted.

The Guardian, who posted a lengthy article about Trump committing this “disrespectful” act, later amended their article, stating, “This article was amended on 6 November 2017 to make clear that Shinzo Abe also emptied the contents of his container into the pond.”

Anti-Trump fervor has always been popular in the media, where many television shows and media outlets have used Trump as an instrument of satire. However, have incidents such as the koi fish feeding gone too far? This is but a small case misleading the public into thinking Trump is attempting to murder innocent koi fish because he is simply impatient. The bigger picture here is that the media outlets that many people are receiving information from daily, are willing to get their hands dirty and manipulate videos or information to spin lies about the President of the United States.

This is a lesson for media outlets who have been exposed by this minor incident to learn that they should not post fake news, especially if it concerns the President and overfeeding innocent koi fish.

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