INDONESIA: Internet Usage Rises—and So Do Tempers and Worries

The Communications and Information Ministry in Indonesia claims that it has effectively blocked nearly 1 million pornographic websites, and vows to continue its mass censorship of unfavorable Internet publications. According to the Jakarta Post, the nation’s leading English-language newspaper, “censorship on porn sites was in line with the government’s commitment…

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TAIWAN: Free At Last?

It seems that Taiwan’s journalists are not in agreement about how “free” their island democracy really is.In fact, there is a trend surfacing in Taiwanese newspapers with many articles implicitly asking the same question of its readership: Are we a democracy? Certain journalists argue that Taiwan is far too influenced…

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TAIWAN: The Taiwan Critique

Taiwanese journalists are almost up in arms over the increase in corporate involvement in its media system. They argue that corporate monopolization and political appetite are putting at risk the ability of Taiwan’s news media to support democracy via ethical and professional journalism.

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