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Archive | April, 2012

PHILIPPINES: Tit-for-Tat Cyber Attacks With China

Several Chinese websites were defaced by Filipino hackers calling themselves “Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines”. This techno-assault seems to be in retaliation for the recent cyber-attack against the University of the Philippines website, the top state university in the country.  One defaced site, the China University Media Union homepage, was replaced with an image of a Guy Fawkes […]

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MYANMAR: Caution Signs on the Road to Burma

The country of Burma (but these days Myanmar, in the official UN nomenclature) is suddenly receiving a lot of positive press, and rightly so. The military junta has released a record number of political prisoners in recent months, opened dialogue between the government and ethnic minorities, and even held some elections. None of this would […]

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SINGAPORE: Busted for Minor Activity

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets caught, and has to serve a seven year jail sentence. This is the possible punishment facing an estimated 30 men under investigation for engaging in “compensated” sexual relations with a minor. In February, at least 80 men were originally believed to be involved in the online solicitation of sex by an […]

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Leiron Kogoya, journalist, 35, was gunned down on a plane as it landed at Mulia Airport in the independent state of Papua. Kogoya wrote for newspapers Pasific Post and Papua Pos Nabire. At least five gunmen opened fire at 8 a.m in Mulia, injuring passengers as well as pilots, who then lost control of the plane as crashed it into a nearby terminal […]

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INDIA: Cartoon Version of Free Speech?

How dangerous can a cartoon be? This seems to be the question many are asking themselves after Professor Ambikesh Mohapatra from the Jadavpur University was arrested for posting a political cartoon. The cartoon is a spoof in which Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Railway Minister Mukul Roy are featured talking about how to get rid of former […]

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SOUTH KOREA: Whiffs of the Old Authoritarianism?

An unfolding political surveillance scandal is rocking South Korea.  And it is beginning to raise doubts about whether South Korea’s democracy is all that vigorous. A few years ago, the government was exposed for conducting illegal surveillance of a businessman critical of President Lee Myung-bak. But that was nothing compared to what appears to be […]

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CHINA: Press Shocked, But Not Overly So

The recent early-morning slaying of two University of Southern California students made headlines in newspapers across Asia, of course. USC boasts the largest international student population in the U.S. – and many are from China, as were the murdered Ying Wu and Ming Qu in what may have been a botched carjacking of their BMW. […]

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INDONESIA: Police Take Aim at BBC, Al Jazeera and Reuters!

Three foreign correspondents recently filed a report against the Indonesian National Police, accusing them of acid attacks. BBC’s Alice Budisatrijo, Al Jazeera’s Bobby Gunawan, and Reuters News Agency’s Louis Benjamin suffered chemical burns while reporting on the fuel policy protests at the gates of the House of Representatives. Anato Handoyo, cameraman for Jak TV, and […]

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BANGLADESH: It’s Your Job – No, It’s Your Job!

Dangerously high levels of arsenic have been detected in the water supply in Chittagong, Bangladesh’s busiest seaport city. Authorities, however, have yet to take action. The Daily Star reported on Monday April 2nd, that tube-wells in Chittagong contain contaminated water with arsenic levels that are ten times higher than safely acceptable. According to the article, the […]

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PAKISTAN: Forced Conversions or Cultural Assimilation?

Of the 180 million population in Pakistan, little more than one percent are Hindus. But increasingly they are said to be fearing for their religious identity — and lives — as more and more coerced conversions have been reported. The Independent Human Rights Commission in Pakistan (HRCP) claims that the kidnappings of Hindu girls for […]

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INDIA: From Porn to Secret Cellphone Recording

There has recently been quite a bit of commotion during house sessions in India, and the Tamil Nadu Assembly has taken steps to alleviate the problem. Following recent cellular related scandals – one in which ministers in Karnataka were caught watching porn on their cellular device, and another recent incident when a DMK member was […]

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