SINGAPORE: Busted for Minor Activity

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets caught, and has to serve a seven year jail sentence. This is the possible punishment facing an estimated 30 men under investigation for engaging in “compensated” sexual relations with a minor.

In February, at least 80 men were originally believed to be involved in the online solicitation of sex by an underage female. But the number of suspects hauled into court was whittled down. The Straits Times, the city-state’s lead newspaper, reported that the suspects were questioned on the basis of phone records of calls between themselves and a reportedly underage girl. The young woman was allegedly advertising her own sexual services online, as well as other girls described as “models, university students, and corporate workers.” Since February, the case has exposed “a naval officer, a managing director, businessmen, finance industry professional… an Indonesian entrepreneur… a former primary school principal, public servants, a civil activist, a lawyer and expatriates.”

To be clear, prostitution per se is not illegal in Singapore, but similar offenses are, such as public solicitation of sex and the solicitation of a minor. Had these men visited a “spa” for a “massage” instead, their reputations might still be intact. So buyer beware!

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