ASIA MEDIA INTERNATIONAL PRESENTS – A limited series by AMI Video Anchor Janelynne Galera and Senior Editor and Professor Andrea Plate to introduce the concept of article writing for publication. This series aligns with our mission, which aims to help deepen LMU’s overall institutional understanding of – and relationship with – Asia through this weekly news site. Launched in November 2011, Asia Media International serves as a real-world media lab for Professor Tom Plate’s courses as well as students at LMU. This innovation is inspired by the philosophy of internationalized education that is pursued with such great spirit at LMU’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts.

PART ONE: Meet Professor Andrea Plate, AMI’s Senior Editor

Professor Andrea Plate reviews her background work and robust writing experience, as well as the main topics being covered and questions to be answered throughout the series.

PART TWO: How To Start Any Article

In this video, Professor Andrea Plate discusses different types of ledes – summary, question, descriptive, anecdotal, and quote lede – and provides examples from the website.

PART THREE: Making The Story Newsworthy With Added Value

Professor Andrea Plate emphasizes creating a new, unique angle to the story with your own words.

PART FOUR: Tools Of The Trade

Specific information about how to publish a piece for Asia Media International, plus how academic writing differs from journalistic writing.

PART FIVE: Cutting Out Clichés

Trust your ideas and avoid writing phrases or opinions that are overused, examples included.

PART SIX: How To Write An Ending

Professor Andrea Plate drives home the end goal of endings with examples from the website.

PART SEVEN: Opinion Writing

Present your point of view with reasons and examples, be timely, and provide context.




Andrea Plate, Asia Media International’s senior editor for writing and editing, holds degrees in English Literature (UC Berkeley), Communications-Journalism (USC) and Social Welfare/Public Policy (UCLA). Her college teaching includes Fordham University and USC. Her book, MADNESS: In the Trenches of America’s Troubled Department of Veterans Affairs, concerning her years as a staff social worker at the U.S. Veterans Administration, was published in Asia and North America by Marshall Cavendish Asia International. She is a part-time lecturer in LMU’s Department of Sociology, the author of two other books, and Board Member of the well-known U.S. Vets Initiative, the largest nonprofit for homeless veterans in America.

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