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THE PLATE COLUMN: Russia in the Ukraine – Beyond Good and Evil

WRITES TOM PLATE FROM LOS ANGELES IN HIS SYNDICATED ASIA COLUMN - ‘Ukraine Isn’t Armageddon.’ Now, how bold and direct is that?! This was the banner headline splashed over the most incisive journalism I have read on Vladimir Putin and the Crimea crisis.  It led the April edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, the sharp monthly out of Paris. […]

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THE PLATE COLUMN: Skating on Thin Ice

TOM PLATE WRITES IN HIS SYNDICATED COLUMN APPEARING IN THE JAPAN TIMES (Tokyo) – Like so many people around the world, I was totally blown away not only by Olympic skater Kim Yuna’s performance on the ice in Sochi, but even more so by her cool and classy performance off of it. While her fellow […]

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THE PLATE COLUMN: Should Crimea Be Such a Priority?

SYNDICATED COLUMNIST TOM PLATE WRITES — Viewed from Los Angeles, tiny Ukraine seems much, much farther away and remote from our core national interests than, for example, gigantic Indonesia. So perhaps something is wrong with us on the West Coast of the United States, and we simply fail to understand history? This past weekend, the […]

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WE BEG TO DIFFER: … With Professor Jay Rosen of NYU

ASIA MEDIA WRITES: NYU’S Jay Rosen has been analyzing the American media for decades.  He may be the best mind the U.S. has on this important beat.  A recent post by Professor Rosen, however, raised our eyebrows. It praised the New York Times for ‘flooding’ the Ukraine story, calling the soaking-by-staffing  “impressive.” Our only question […]

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TOM PLATE WRITES:  The stakes in the outcome of the ongoing Thai Crisis are huge and go beyond the strict parameters of the country itself. Geopolitically, Thailand has been a solid U.S. ally, particularly during the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Economically, it has been a vital force amid the cluster of Association of […]

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ASIA MEDIA IS HAPPY TO PASS ON TO YOU THIS INVITATION FROM OUR HARD-WORKING COLLEAGUES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: “USC’s East Asian Studies Center invites you to our upcoming event entitled Taiwan in the World on March 3, 2014: Taiwan in the World Monday | March 3 | 1:00-5:00 PM | Ahn House […]

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Former Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin: Why did they have to do that?

In December 2010, in his exile home in Emirate Hills, a suburb of Dubai, former Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra sat down with American journalist Tom Plate for an exclusive series of five two-hour interviews that became the basis of the controversial book “Conversations with Thaksin” (Marshall Cavendish Singapore, 2011). In one of those conversations, […]

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LOS ANGELES: Trying to Keep Japan in Perspective

TOM PLATE WRITES IN HIS SYNDICATED NEWSPAPER COLUMN: Try it, you might like it: a sense of proportion. Avoid the extreme cry of apocalypse now — or, at least, of apocalypse soon. Stretch your intellectual and historical horizons to appreciate Japan as an expanse of more than just a few decades, or of even just […]

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LOS ANGELES: Hong Kong – “New York in a Chinese Fortune Cookie”

The following interview with Asia Media founder and editor in chief Tom Plate was conducted by G. Bruce Smith of the firm of SMITH WRITING & PR in Culver City, California ( The occasion is the U.S. release of Professor Plate’s new book IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUTURE (Marshall Cavendish International Asia, 2014).   […]

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TOM PLATE WRITES IN THE JAKARTA POST: Our favorite optimist of Asia is at it again, and may the gods of our future bless this learned man. He is Kishore Mahbubani (KM), the savvy Singapore policy-school dean and acclaimed author whose most recent book “The Great Convergence” might almost be considered an over-the-counter antidote to […]

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Asian art from the Republic of Korea and from all over the globe’s many Korean diasporas has become an awesome trend on the contemporary art scene.  Like K-Pop, K-Art is sweeping the world. Over the past year, Korean Eye 2012 became an internationally acclaimed collection of key works by 33 contemporary Korean artists: painters, sculptors […]

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SINGAPORE: ‘The Era of E-Asia Has Dawned’

From Our Friends at the influential Asia Media Information and Communication Centre in Singapore comes the announcement of the 2014 Asia media conference, to be held next year in Thailand (domestic events permitting…). The announcement: “Globally, the last decade has seen exponential growth in the use of mobile technologies and the Internet. From e-mail to […]

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TOM PLATE WRITES IN HIS INTERNATIONALLY SYNDICATED COLUMN: – A country of beauty is in danger of turning into a beast. The Kingdom of Thailand, the land of the smiling people, the gorgeous countryside and a storied history as the once-upon-a-time Siam, now has a severe case of the political uglies. This Constitutional democracy, anchored […]

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CHINA: Why Beijing Needs to Take It Slowly

A BOOK EXCERPT. Adapted from “In the Middle of The Future: Tom Plate on Asia,” to be published here in the U.S. next month by Marshall Cavendish International. TOM PLATE WRITES: Asia did not achieve its current status on the world stage as an overnight success. Hardly. But despite millennia of development, the region was […]

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WASHINGTON: Respect for Democracy in Thailand Deserves Support

The following comes courtesy of the Honorable Kurt Campbell, a former top State and Defense Department official, in his FaceBook posting 22 December: CommentShare 18 Shares 4 

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