Asia Media International announces the following staff developments:

Cristina Pedler, who earlier this month graduated from the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts at Loyola Marymount University with her baccalaureate degree in International Relations, takes over at the helm of AMI, reporting directly to the founder and president of Asia Media. During her senior year, this resident of Encinitas, California, had previously held the AMI position of Associate Editor. Her career horizon includes graduate school and quite possibly a career in the non-profit sector. As the top staff editor of Asia Media, she succeeds as Executive Editor Zhi Jiao Danielle Goh, originally from Singapore, who just completed her first year of rigorous studies at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Study (SAIS) in Washington.

Janelynne Galera, who just completed her sophomore year at LMU, will join Asia Media International’s elite summer internship program, which this summer is comprised of about a dozen present or recent LMU students. Ms Galera will also launch a new AMI position — anchor on all original videos. The most recent example of her professional-level media work now appears on this home page.

AMI Books Editor Ella Kelleher, LMU’ 21, has been named the recipient of the first-ever Pacific Century Institute Junior Fellowship. She is currently operating out of Seoul, Republic of Korea, for both PCI and AMI. PCI co-founder Spencer Kim and PCI Executive Director Angie Pak announced this important inaugural junior fellowship last month.

Miles Whittingham, LMU’22, moves to the position of Senior Curriculum Coordinator and will be an AMI summer intern as well.

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