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Archive | July, 2012

An Exclusive Interview with Robin Wang, the Author of the Important and Provocative New Book: ‘Yinyang: The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture’

One of the most important relationships in this world just might be the relationship between the two behemoth power-states: China and the United States. This is a relationship between a seasoned country with a vibrant and complicated history of over two-thousand years, and a much younger, more modern state of only, uhh, two-hundred something years. […]

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Where Have All the Smart People in China’s Government Gone?

China allegedly has at least 1.3 billion people residing within its current ample borders. (Has anyone ever counted?!) China also has very many problems, as befits such a gigantic country trying to maintain the extraordinary economic success against the downside of a very troubled recent past. Therefore, it could be regarded as axiomatic that China […]

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China: Is Sexy Mandarin a Foul Language?

Attention American horn-dogs! Want to learn Mandarin Chinese? Great! Now you can learn Mandarin AND be titillated by Chinese lingerie models in the privacy of your own home with Sexy Mandarin. Forget about the difficulties of this complicated language, Sexy Mandarin’s “teachers” can teach you Mandarin while also entertaining you. Soft-porn, it turns out, can […]

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