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PAKISTAN: Taliban’s PR Blitz Divides and Conquers

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – The Pakistani wing of the Taliban wants to do the seemingly impossible: Win public sympathy through improved PR. Surprisingly, it’s working. Since the election of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last year, the Taliban has retooled its communications ops to project the image of an embattled and misunderstood political party. Despite its […]

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POVERTY PROJECT: Media Coverage Aids Severe Pakistani Drought Relief

EMILY GOLDSBOROUGH WRITES – A drought that reportedly killed 238 people in Tharparkar District finally received attention from the Pakistani government, but only after extensive media coverage. Tharparkar, located in the rural south of Pakistan, experiences drought every few years, but this year’s drought has led to malnutrition, disease, and death. Children and pregnant women […]

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INDIA & PAKISTAN: Female Journalists Face Sexual Assault and Mistreatment at Work and on the Streets

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – Though they’ve reported on floods, bombings, wars, and protests in some of the most dangerous places in the world, female journalists in Pakistan and India are still threatened and mistreated at home. Despite repeated calls for change from groups ranging from the United Nations to the Women’s Media Center Pakistan, female journalists […]

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PAKISTAN: Malala’s Book Banned in Schools

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – Pakistani student and education activist Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography has been well received everywhere, it seems, but in her own country. On November 11, The Guardian reported that nationwide, Pakistani private schools had banned her book, I Am Malala, from being studied or read. Education officials point to the activist’s supposed lack […]

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PAKISTAN: Action Movie Paints India as the Bad Guy

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES - With explosions and non-stop action, Pakistan’s first action blockbuster, Waar, is making waves. Indians are less excited: they are the bad guys. Reuters offered a summary of the movie: “Indian villains team up with Islamist militants to plot spectacular attacks across Pakistan. Pakistani security forces jump in and save the day.” “Like […]

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PAKISTAN: First Gay Pakistani Site Blocked

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – The front page of Pakistan’s only LGBT support website, Queer Pakistan, reads “Don’t Hate Us, Know Us!” The Pakistani government said no. In another attempt to impede social progress in Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (the PTA) censored the website, saying “Surf Safely! This website is not accessible. The site you […]

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INDIA: Elections Go Online, But Will It Matter?

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – If you live in India, expect a “friend request” from your local representative. The upcoming 2014 election will see an explosion of social media campaigning, according to The Times of India. India’s Bharatiya Janata and Congress parties are scrambling  to woo internet users. From local politicians getting in touch directly with their constituents, to party […]

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PAKISTAN: At Prices This Low, Teens Can’t Afford Not to be Immoral

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES: You can’t trust your kids once the sun goes down. At least that’s what Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) officials say. The News reports that the Pakistani government has demanded wireless companies stop selling late-night cellphone packages to teenagers, claiming such deals will ultimately destroy the country’s culture. Their logic? Discount plans from companies like “Anonymous […]

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HONOLULU: East-West Center Announces Pakistan US Journalist Exchange

The East-West Center has announced it is now accepting applications for the 2014 Pakistan-United States Journalists Exchange, March 30-April 19, 2014. This program, now in its fourth year, is designed to increase and deepen public understanding of the two countries and their important relationship, one that is crucial to regional stability and the global war […]

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Pakistan: Everyone’s on the Same Page

LIZA HERNANDEZ WRITES – Mohammed Waseem Ahmed was recently ousted from the Karachi police force after a Supreme Court hearing concerning his alleged illicit activities as the man in charge of hundreds of illegal gambling dens in Karachi. Though Ahmed, according to government records, has flown the coop to Dubai, the increased willingness to uncover […]

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PAKISTAN: None of Your Business, United States

Pakistan’s gutsy decision to continue building its share of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline against the warnings of possible sanctions by the US has made its way into the headlines. Within the next two years (and 1.5 billion dollars later), Pakistan plans to finish the construction of 781 km of the Pakistani section of the gas […]

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PAKISTAN: The Debate Drones On

Debates concerning the use of drones in Pakistan, and other countries, by the CIA are not new. Recently US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, in an AFP interview, was forced to defend the policy and practice; “The whole purpose of our operations were aimed at those who attacked this country and killed 3,000 innocent people in […]

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PAKISTAN: Lessons on Courage

Author Maya Angelou stated, “One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential.” If this is true, Malala Yousafzai was born with an unlimited amount of potential for courage. Quite frankly she has shown more courage in her first 15 years of life than most adults ever have. While other 12 year […]

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PAKISTAN: True Story in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’?

The new movie about the successful hunt to find and kill Osama bin Laden will surely cop a few Academy Awards. It is well done and worth seeing. But this is not intended to be a movie review. Rather, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ raises difficult issues about the morality of America’s campaign against violent Islamic radicalism. […]

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