LOS ANGELES: A Stellar Showcasing of Soft Power

JEREMIAH FAJARDO WRITES – Despite lengthy lines and oppressive heat, L.A.’s annual Anime Expo broke its previous attendance records, embodying the growth and impact of Japan’s pop-culture diplomacy. Each Independence Day weekend thousands of passionate fans descend upon Southern California for North America’s largest convention for all things related to Japanese pop-culture. This year, for […]

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Asia Media’s New Editorial & Advisory Teams

ASIA MEDIA WRITES – For the soon-arriving academic year at The New ASIA MEDIA Center, publisher of the prominent international e-magazine ASIA MEDIA at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, our fall lineup has now been set, and so we are very happy to announce the following major appointments: 1. New Managing Editors: LMU Seniors […]

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JAPAN: Will Lady Luck Smile on the Land of the Rising Sun?

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Japan’s Diet will soon decide if legalization of casinos and gambling are in the cards. Chair of the Lower House’s cabinet committee Masahiko Shibayama said that the bill will be explained at a committee meeting on June 25. If passed, it would mean that multibillion dollar “integrated resorts” would be ready […]

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VIETNAM: Potential ‘Senpai’ or Ally?

YVONNE EPPS WRITES— A month has passed since the fiasco in the South China Sea, but it seems that Vietnam has garnered the admiration of another East Asian country. Watch out Vietnam, it seems like ‘senpai’ has noticed you. Major Japanese TV stations like NHK, TBS and Fuji relayed their criticism of China’s ruthless sinking […]

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, Oh my!

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES – Last week the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the inception of the ‘Arab Social Media Award’ in the Gulf region to promote proper and acceptable social media use and to encourage awareness of the concerns associated with social media. Due to the UAE’s growing population of social media enthusiasts, this award […]

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IRAQ: Losing When You’re Right

Tom Plate writes in his syndicated column:  Since almost no one is coming to the defense of President Barack Obama, whose opinion poll numbers continue to slide, why don’t I give it my best effort? After all, back in 2002, before the actual invasion of Iraq, the then-senator from Illinois and this American journalist were […]

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Narendra Modi, India's incumbent Prime Minister.

INDIA: Is Modi a Murderer?

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – Has India elected a dangerous man? The media failed to answer this question. As Narendra Modi becomes leader of the world’s biggest democracy, his role in the killing of a thousand Muslims in 2002 remains murky. The 2002 Gujarat riots, a pogrom against Muslims, happened on Modi’s watch. His supporters claim he only failed […]

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CHINA and JAPAN: Will the truth set them free?

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – The past continues to haunt Japan for its treatment of Chinese “comfort women” before and during World War II. On April 25, the archives in China’s Jilin province released 89 documents that include letters written by Japanese soldiers, newspaper articles, and military files that provide solid evidence of Chinese women being […]

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United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon got an unusual treat for his 70th birthday late last week when the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, presented him with a cake made with coca leaves. A slice of the gala event can be viewed here. The doggedly hard-working U.N. chief was in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for a meeting […]

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