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MOVIE REVIEW: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Last year marked a milestone for the history of animation, as the legendary Hayao Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away) of Studio Ghibli retired from filmmaking after the release of his final film, The Wind Rises. However, this year marks yet another milestone as master animator and Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies, […]

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POLITICAL ART: Skype > Government

MIA MARTIN WRITES – ArtReview’s “Most Powerful Artist in the World,” Ai Weiwei was at one point hand-selected by the Chinese government to design the Beijing Olympics Bird’s Nest Stadium. Now, Weiwei has been thrown in jail by his own government and currently has his passport confiscated.   The Chinese government has made numerous attempts […]

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CHINA: Mistresses – An Exramarital Affair to Remember

ASIA MEDIA STAFF WRITES – Many young girls in China are now pursuing jobs as mistresses of rich businessmen or government officials. Shenzhen, the special economic zone of China, along with Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, are cities that are listed as having the highest occurrence of extramarital affairs. According to a study published by the […]

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SINGAPORE: Fifty Shades of Trending

ASIA MEDIA STAFF WRITES –The small island city-state of Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday as a nation this August 9th. As we covered in a previous article, there are many commemorative events being arranged for the momentous occasion. It seems Singaporeans are getting into the celebratory mood in their own way and have spawned a […]

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MALAYSIA: Fifty Shades of No Way

ALEX PARK WRITES – There are five groups of people that will not be watching the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. People who loved the book but know that the movie will disappoint, those who were intensely uncomfortable with the material, women activists who stand against violence towards women, the actors’ […]

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UAE: Fifty Shades Gets Whipped by Censors

ALESSANDRA DALY-JOHNSON WRITES – The highly anticipated film adaptation of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey was deemed inappropriate by the United Arab Emirates’ National Media Council (NMC) this past week. While the infamous book series, written by E.L. James, is available in stores in the UAE, the NMC has concluded that the 125-minute long movie […]

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PHILIPPINES: Isn’t It All the Same Love?

MARY GRACE COSTA WRITES – A defaced billboard featuring a same-sex couple in the Philippines has the LGBTQ community in an uproar. Meanwhile, online supporters rush to save the ad with a hashtag and a bit of creativity. Filipino retail giant Bench released a new ad campaign entitled “Love All Kinds of Love” on February […]

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VIETNAM: Hangover City

YVONNE EPPS WRITES— We all have our poisons: Japan sips sake, Korea loves its Soju, the Philippines drink Tanduay rum.  As for Vietnam, it would seem that they have finally reached their legal drinking age and the parental units are starting to feel uneasy. Out-of-state media sources have recently shown concern about Vietnam’s raging beer […]

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AUSTRALIA: Unfriending Extremist Groups

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES- At a conference in Washington D.C. last week, Australian Attorney General George Brandis announced an $18 million program that will fight pro-terrorist websites by closely observing social media sites that promote terrorist ideals. Following the theme of the summit, “countering violent extremism,” this program, dubbed Combating Terrorist Propaganda in Australia, aims to […]

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NORTH KOREA: Like Father, Like Son?

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Published earlier this month, Paul Fischer’s “A Kim Jong-il Production” explores the late North Korean president’s zeal for film and his attempts to make his country’s film industry the best in the world. After the controversy surrounding the release of “The Interview,” Fischer’s book could not have come at a better […]

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INDIA: The Lucrative Loopholes Behind the Loon

ADRIAN NARAYAN WRITES –India has been a major candidate for a development that’s been in the works since its launch in the South Island of New Zealand in 2013. This innovative project is called Project Loon – a mission backed by Google that aspires to provide Internet access to rural and remote areas. An average […]

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Blue Swimsuit self portrait

INDONESIA: Commandment #11- Thou Shalt Not Take a Selfie

MICHELLE VARINATA WRITES – Somewhere in the Twitterverse, Felix Siauw, a young Muslim religious motivational speaker, tweets: “These days many Muslim women take selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with facial poses that are just – my goodness – where’s the purity in women?” (Translated from Bahasa Indonesian) This tweet alludes […]

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HONG KONG: Hope for the Media

MIRANDA PAK WRITES- With all the tension and protests in Hong Kong, it’s not surprising that media censorship is on the rise. Two recent reports show the decline of Hong Kong’s press freedom. The PEN American Center, a literary society and human rights organization, released a report stating that media self-censorship and physical attacks on journalists […]

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