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THE PLATE COLUMN: Russia in the Ukraine – Beyond Good and Evil

WRITES TOM PLATE FROM LOS ANGELES IN HIS SYNDICATED ASIA COLUMN - ‘Ukraine Isn’t Armageddon.’ Now, how bold and direct is that?! This was the banner headline splashed over the most incisive journalism I have read on Vladimir Putin and the Crimea crisis.  It led the April edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, the sharp monthly out of Paris. […]

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LEBANON: Kicking Your Mother in the Face – Literally

NICOLE SABA WRITES – Imagine being estranged from your mother for years and then seeing her on a talk show, aimed at helping families reunite and fix their issues. While talking, your mother calls your father an abusive drunk. What’s your reaction? For Ahmad, an angry 15-year-old Lebanese boy, the logical response was to get […]

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AUSTRALIA: American TV Shows Take off with a ‘Big Bang’

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES - The Big Bang Theory, dubbed Australia’s favorite comedy by The Sydney Morning Herald, has been approved for three more seasons after a deal was signed between Warner Bros and Chuck Lorre, the show’s creator. This is especially good news for Australian broadcaster Nine Network, which has used the American show’s well-established fan base […]

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Myanmar: SQUAR – The Next Facebook?

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – While the once-repressive Myanmar transitions to democratic rule with new freedoms being given, the country is discovering equally new ways to communicate and exchange ideas. One is a new website, also available as a smartphone application, called Squar. The website TechInAsia describes Squar as the first social media site fully available in Myanmar’s official […]

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JAPAN: The Yakuza Does Philanthropy?

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Organizations looking to publicize usually turn to the Internet. But what if you’re the yakuza? Often considered Japan’s version of the Italian mob, the yakuza feels so misunderstood it has turned to the Net to help tell a more nuanced story. The Yamaguchi-gumi, a branch of the yakuza, recently launched a new […]

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PAKISTAN: Taliban’s PR Blitz Divides and Conquers

AUSTIN SZABO WRITES – The Pakistani wing of the Taliban wants to do the seemingly impossible: Win public sympathy through improved PR. Surprisingly, it’s working. Since the election of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last year, the Taliban has retooled its communications ops to project the image of an embattled and misunderstood political party. Despite its […]

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MALAYSIA: Can’t Catch a Break

MARLENA NIP WRITES –  From missing airlines to kidnapped tourists, Malaysia struggles to stay out of the bad spotlight. Media outlets from all around the world are capturing the most recent kidnapping that occurred on an island off the eastern coast of Sabah. It was reported that last week an armed Filipino group, suspected to […]

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POVERTY PROJECT: Media Coverage Aids Severe Pakistani Drought Relief

EMILY GOLDSBOROUGH WRITES – A drought that reportedly killed 238 people in Tharparkar District finally received attention from the Pakistani government, but only after extensive media coverage. Tharparkar, located in the rural south of Pakistan, experiences drought every few years, but this year’s drought has led to malnutrition, disease, and death. Children and pregnant women […]

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JAPAN: Crimea Controversy Leads to Net Sensation

JEREMIAH FAJARDO WRITES – While some countries snort derisively at Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea, in Japan it’s been love at first sight with the Republic’s new attorney general. In the immediate aftermath of the Russian land grab, a press conference featuring 34-year-old Natalia Poklonskaya went viral — and it wasn’t because of her legal […]

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AT LMU: A Triumph of Insight and Intellect

By the staff of Asia Media:  It was a packed house that took in the sweeping and insightful presentation on today’s Japan, from the noted international journalist David Pilling.  The Asia Editor and Asia Columnist of the Financial Times offered the LMU community an intellectually thrilling tour d’horizon of the issues and challenges facing America’s leading […]

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POVERTY PROJECT: Laotian Film on Rural Population Banned

E.J. DE LARA WRITES – Looks like The Rocket didn’t take off, at least not in Laos. In a country where media is government controlled, Laotian authorities banned the distribution and showing of the internationally acclaimed film, The Rocket. The controversial work exposes ongoing problems in Laos caused by residual effects of the Vietnam War and the […]

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POVERTY PROJECT: Singapore’s Ugly Truth

VITTO BANEZ WRITES – Singapore is very well-off. At least that’s the perception. The skyline alone illustrates the nation’s growth.  The island country has become a hotspot for rich vacationers attracted by its fancy hotels and world-class cuisine. Looking at all that, it’s hard to believe poverty exists in a place like Singapore. Yes, it’s one […]

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SINGAPORE: George Yeo Goes to the Vatican

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – First a South American becomes the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and now he wants to bring an Asian onto his Council for the Economy? Oh, how times have changed! In all seriousness, we couldn’t be happier for George Yeo, who was just appointed as a member of the Vatican’s […]

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VIETNAM: The Silent, Fine Line

YVONNE EPPS WRITES — Veietnam’s media has a track record for jailing every person it does not like, but what happens when it fines one of its own state-run newspapers? Looks like this double-edged sword has finally drawn blood. Recently, the Associated Press found that the government fined the state-run newspaper Law and Society for about […]

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NORTH KOREA: The Grass is Greener in South Korea

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – The North Korean government may slowly be losing the battle for the hearts and minds of its people. How is this happening in a country where the government uses propaganda, political repression, and secrecy to control public opinion? It appears that many North Korean citizens have been convinced that life is […]

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HONG KONG: Asia’s Largest Film Market in the Midst of Media Turmoil

LAUREN CHEN WRITES – Hong Kongers mourn yet another shameless assault on two media executives just as the Hong Kong Film and Television Market (FILMART) and the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) kick off. Business executives from over 760 companies and 30 countries gathered to attend FILMART, Asia’s largest film market, which promotes Hong Kong as the gateway to […]

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NEW ZEALAND: New Media Rule Sparks Controversy

E.J. DE LARA WRITES – Imagine giving popular blog sites such as Perez Hilton and Just Jared the same legitimacy as newspapers. The New Zealand Press Council, the self-regulatory body that resolves complaints involving the press, has made this idea a reality by announcing its decision to allow digital media, namely blogs, membership to the […]

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