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CHINA: #Blocked

SHUTING LI WRITES – China is globally known for its super firewall and censorship of Chinese social media. Since 2009, due to the Urumqi riot, almost all of the non-Chinese search engines, microblogs, and social media have been gradually blocked in China, including services provided by Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Dropbox etc. that most people used […]

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JAPAN: From Dollars to Disgrace

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – On October 19, Japanese media was quick to announce the resignation of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yuko Obuchi after claims that groups supporting her had misused political funds. If anybody knows how to handle a scandal, it’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’ and his team. Since adding five new female cabinet […]

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SRI LANKA AND INDIA: The Great Ebola Freakout

PEYTON CROSS WRITES — The ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa has sent ripples of panic around the globe, from Fox News talk shows in New York to the small island nation of Sri Lanka. On August 18th, the Sri Lankan website News First reported the country’s first possible case. The victim passed away shortly […]

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NORTH KOREA: The Amazing Disappearing Dictator!

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Watch out, David Copperfield, you’ve got a new competitor! Earlier this month, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un finally reappeared after mysteriously disappearing in early September. Although there was speculation about the reasons for his disappearance, we can all agree on one thing: the North Korean government has pulled off the […]

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CAMBODIA: Save the Journalists!

ARACELI PALAFOX WRITES- The death of Cambodian journalist Taing Try has once again placed Cambodia in an unfavorable spotlight. Earlier this month, Try was pronounced dead at 49 after taking a gunshot to his forehead while sitting in his car. Try was found in a forest in the Kratie Province  of Cambodia, where he and […]

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BY TOM PLATE, COURTESY OF THE JAPAN TIMES OF TOKYO — Benjamin C. Bradlee, who has died at 93, was a far more thoughtful editor than he appeared to be. Sure, the Harvard graduate and friend of John F. Kennedy was well caricatured by the virtuoso stage and screen actor Jason Robards in the 1976 […]

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VIETNAM: Will Sell Site for Laughs

YVONNE EPPS WRITES — From the moment you open Tumblr, 4chan, or Reddit, you’re laughing up a storm. We’re lucky that this is all in English for the American audience, but Vietnam isn’t far behind with their own growing chuckle site. The popular start-up site HaiVL was allegedly acquired by 24h Online Advertising JSC for […]

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TAIWAN: Media Gets Burned With Cooking Oil

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Media lesson learned in Taiwan this week: don’t let tainted cooking oil taint your responsibility in reporting. In light of recent reports on the sale of bad cooking oil in Taiwan, the media had a frenzy covering this controversy, including speculation causing an increase in worry for the Taiwanese public. This did not […]

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AUSTRALIA: Tell Us the Whole Story, China

AMBER VERNETTI WRITES: China’s influence over outside media outlets is increasing in countries like Australia, analysts report. This ‘soft power’ approach is China’s way of keeping in touch with one million Chinese Australians while censoring what is included in the Chinese language news sources and favoring state-generated content. John Fitzgerald, a professor at Swinburne University, […]

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SINGAPORE: Tightening the Grip on Online Content

JOHN PO WRITES – In a recent article, Human Rights Watch labeled moves by Singapore’s censorship body as “a serious setback for freedom of expression on the Internet.” These criticisms arose after the Media Development Authority (MDA) asked a few notable alternative news websites to apply for licensing to keep publishing. The most recent website […]

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BEIJING: Honors for ‘Coffin in the Mountain’

COURTESY OF CHINA DAILY USA: The Chinese movie “Coffin in the Mountain” has been honored with the Grand Prix at the 30th edition of the prestigious Warsaw Film Festival. This is the most important section of the famed international competition. The award was accepted by director Xin Yukun. The film tells the story of three […]

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LA EigaFest | Japanese Film Festival 2014-09-26 14-26-55

LOS ANGELES: EigaFest Gives Hollywood a Taste of Japan

DYLAN FIELDS WRITES – L.A. EigaFest 2014 hit the town last month, bringing fans of Japanese cinema from East to West to Hollywood’s main drag. A mash-up of the Japanese word for film, eiga, and ‘festival,’ the annual gathering, now in its fourth year, showcases Japanese and Japanese-influenced films for American audiences. It has also become […]

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Hayato Mitsuishi

LOS ANGELES: Up Close and Personal with the Biggies of L.A. EigaFest 2014

Mataichiro “Mata” Yamamoto & Ryuhei Kitamura After his directorial debut with his cult hit action/horror flick Versus, Ryuhei Kitamura received both domestic and international fame among filmmakers. He went on to make a number of exciting films including his first Hollywood movie, Clive Barker’s The Midnight Meat Train, starring Bradley Cooper. Known for a number […]

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