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Myanmar: SQUAR – The Next Facebook?

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – While the once-repressive Myanmar transitions to democratic rule with new freedoms being given, the country is discovering equally new ways to communicate and exchange ideas. One is a new website, also available as a smartphone application, called Squar. The website TechInAsia describes Squar as the first social media site fully available in Myanmar’s official […]

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QATAR: The UAE is NOT Happy

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – The United Arab Emirates has been insulted and demands the offender stop: Egyptian-born Muslim cleric and head of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated International Federation of Muslim Scholars (IFMS), Yousuf Al Qaradawi, who resides in Doha. According to Gulf Times, the clash began over the topic of the Muslim Brotherhood, as the UAE […]

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QATAR: The Nation’s Other Face

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – Two German journalists were detained recently by Qatar authorities for investigating the plight of the country’s migrant workers. Filmmaker Peter Giesel and cameraman Robin Ahne were on a follow up investigation for The Guardian, which had previously claimed such laborers faced a form of modern-day slavery. The two were held for […]

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MYANMAR: Hackers Gonna Hack

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – In the past few weeks, a group of cyber hackers has made a name for itself across the world. The Myanmar Muslim Cyber Force (MMCF), has been multiplying its attacks, as its Facebook page boastfully confesses. The group refers to its actions as “targeting all racist people, Facebook groups, hacking groups, […]

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MYANMAR: From Censorship to Courts

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – Myanmar’s new regime has found new ways to deal with unwanted magazine articles by doling out defamation lawsuits left and right. Within the last year, the population in Myanmar has seen countless improvements, such as the development of new media sources, as well as the popularization of cellphones. The current government […]

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MYANMAR: Entering a Dangerous Period?

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD WRITES- In this time of drastic change in Myanmar’s media structure, many companies are trying to help the development of the country by gaining a new market. One of the most recent people to do so was Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, who traveled to Myanmar to promote Google’s new website.   In […]

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MYANMAR: Friend or Foe?

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – In Myanmar, laws are changing, media companies are moving back to the country, and daily private newspapers are being published. But there is still a long way to go before this country can achieve a truly Western style press. Publishers are faced with new issues every day, such as financing. Aung […]

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MYANMAR: A Historical Milestone

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD WRITES – After a half century of a media system controlled by an authoritarian government, Myanmar is finally seeing a shift toward its better angels. No longer will the media face such stringent censorship or fear government repercussions up to an including death. But as private daily newspapers are now hitting the street, […]

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MYANMAR: Media Restrictions All Too Pressing

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD WRITES – Myanmar’s Ministry of Information has seen concerned unions protest the draft of the Printing and Publishing Law that has been submitted to the parliament. When instated in 2011, the New Government expressed that changes aimed towards the freedom of expression would take place, contrary to the laws that were held by […]

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Myanmar, previously known as Burma, has seen its media arena evolve in the past six months. After decades of political unrest, the country is seeing some promising reforms. Contrary to the present law, the government has announced that on April 1, privately owned newspapers will formally be allowed to issue daily prints instead of weekly […]

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