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CHINA: Journalists Speak Out on Behalf of Imprisoned Peers

EMILY ROCHA WRITES: During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to the United States in late Sept., forty-four writers from the PEN American center spoiled the dinner party with a  demand for the release of Chinese journalists and writers who are state captives for nothing more criminally offensive than sharing their opinions. The PEN […]

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HONG KONG: ‘We Are Now in the Soup Together’

TOM PLATE WRITES (courtesy of the South China Morning Post): China, it seems, cannot win for losing. Exports-predator China is always ‘beating us’, bombastic billionaire businessman Donald Trump declaimed yet again on the campaign trail. But his timing on this point could have been better as last week was not exactly the best possible moment […]

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JAPAN, CHINA, and SOUTH KOREA: When Sorry Isn’t Good Enough

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Big occasions call for speeches that will be remembered for decades. Unfortunately, for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered one that disappointed many. Both China and South Korea wait anxiously every time the Prime Minister is scheduled to make a statement […]

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TomPlate China


ASIA MEDIA INTERNATIONAL’S EDITOR IN CHIEF TOM PLATE WRITES: Dean and former UN Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani is widely regarded as one of the most pioneering and influential thinkers in world politics today. The following is an essay based on his recent Harvard lecture. It appears courtesy of The Straits Times of Singapore, where it appeared […]

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Orgies + War = Marco Polo

ANNIE LUNDGREN WRITES – “Marco Polo” is Netflix’s newest warfare-meets-orgy saga.  Despite failing with critics, the historical melodrama was greenlit for a second season in January.  Since Netflix does not release ratings data, it is safe to assume that the show is doing well among viewers. Marco Polo showcases Asian culture by following the Italian […]

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POLITICAL ART: Skype > Government

MIA MARTIN WRITES – ArtReview’s “Most Powerful Artist in the World,” Ai Weiwei was at one point hand-selected by the Chinese government to design the Beijing Olympics Bird’s Nest Stadium. Now, Weiwei has been thrown in jail by his own government and currently has his passport confiscated. The Chinese government has made numerous attempts to […]

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CHINA: Mistresses – An Exramarital Affair to Remember

ASIA MEDIA STAFF WRITES – Many young girls in China are now pursuing jobs as mistresses of rich businessmen or government officials. Shenzhen, the special economic zone of China, along with Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, are cities that are listed as having the highest occurrence of extramarital affairs. According to a study published by the […]

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TELEVISION: Fresh Off the Boat is a Fresh Look at the Asian-American Experience

ANNIE LUNDGREN WRITES – ABC’s newest primetime show, Fresh Off the Boat, reminds us that America’s complicated race relations can be funny, too. Set in 1995, the sitcom follows a Taiwanese-American family’s move from D.C.’s Chinatown to a white middle-class suburb in Orlando, Florida, where they learn how to fit in with “mainstream” Americans. The narrator […]

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VIETNAM: Hangover City

YVONNE EPPS WRITES— We all have our poisons: Japan sips sake, Korea loves its Soju, the Philippines drink Tanduay rum.  As for Vietnam, it would seem that they have finally reached their legal drinking age and the parental units are starting to feel uneasy. Out-of-state media sources have recently shown concern about Vietnam’s raging beer […]

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CHINA: Wearing a Face Mask to Breathe #pollutionproblems

ANNIE LUNDGREN WRITES- Throngs of urbanites wearing face masks remind the world that Beijing still has not successfully dealt with its pollution problem. Its poor air quality has been under international scrutiny since the 2008 summer Olympics. Smog masks and full-face gas masks made headlines in October when thousands of runners wore them for Beijing’s […]

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CHINA: Uighurs, the Under-Told Story

ASIAN MEDIA STAFF WRITES – Who are the Uighurs and why have they become such an issue in East Asia?  Here is a simplified analysis – absent of ideology, cant and misunderstanding – that you won’t normally find in the mainstream news media. First of all, we must note that conflict in the region has […]

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ISSUU - CHINA'S MEDIA WAR: Censorship, Corruption & Control by IFJ Asia Pacific 2015-02-03 15-10-45

HONG KONG: China Press Still Oppressed

MIRANDA PAK WRITES- An annual report on the state of press freedom in China offers little to cheer about for fans of Western style journalism and media openness. The report “China’s Media War: Censorship, Corruption & Control” outlines dozens of instances of direct censorship, Internet surveillance, abuse of legal processes, harassment and intimidation, and televised […]

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CHINA: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

ASIAN MEDIA STAFF WRITES – In a country of 1.4 billion with an extreme gender imbalance of 117.6 boys to every 100 girls, competition for love is fierce.  But what do Chinese men think of when they think of a traditionally beautiful woman? The primary factor to be considered is white skin. The lighter your […]

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China"s President

CHINA: Blue Skies Over Beijing?

ASIA MEDIA WRITES:  On the whole, the international media has reacted to China’s climate improvement agreement with understandable cynicism. Nations tend to talk a lot and do much less. But the agreement recently reached at the 2014 APEC summit in Beijing might prove the beginning of the real deal. People who live in China’s big […]

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