SINGAPORE: In Search of Forgiveness … from Mao?!

Political criticism encompasses one of the most censored topics in China. Mediums through which people express such views range from the ubiquitous blog to artistic pieces. Regarding the latter, the works of Chinese brothers Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang are among the most critical with their condemnation towards Mao Zedong.

As reported by Cheong Poh Kwan of The Straits Times, Singapore’s leading daily, Gao Zhen, the eldest of the controversial duo, is currently in Singapore for a performance and art fair called Art Stage. His contributions to this annual event are sculptures from a collection entitled Miss Mao. Created with his brother, the Miss Mao series depicts “the late Chinese Communist Party’s founder with twin assets.”

The pair’s motivation for creating such works stems from their experiences during the Cultural Revolution. During an interview, Gao Zhen recalled how their father “committed suicide” (went the official version) after 25 days of imprisonment. When questioned about Mao’s lack of a public apology, Gao Zhen stated that “[he] wanted to give [Mao] a chance to ask for forgiveness [through Gao’s work].”  He was speaking metaphorically, of course.

Currently, the duo is working on a new series of sculptures entitled The Interview. Focusing on notorious dictators, the collection is to include figures such as Fidel Castro and Joseph Stalin.

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