MALAYSIA: Journalists Accused of Prostitution… Or is it “Compensated Dating?”

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) of Malaysia’s national election publicity bureau chief Hew Kuan Yau apologized this week for posting remarks on Facebook in which he likened journalists to prostitutes. Hew allegedly claimed that his post, which was originally in Mandarin, never compared journalists to “prostitutes” but instead used the term “compensated dating.”

The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) central committee member Loh Seng Kok urged DAP to clarify the statement; however no further comment was offered by Hew or secretary general Lim Guan Eng. This silence has resulted in numerous contradictory interpretations from lower ranking members of the DAP that only fueled confusion.

DAP chairman Anthony Loke reported that Hew made a personal statement and not one that reflects the party’s views. DAP disciplinary committee head Tan Kok Wai stated that he would not take action against Hew. One wonders whether journalists in Malaysia will consider the apparent DAP climb-down adequate, er, “compensation” for the collective insult.

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