SINGAPORE: Zuckerberg Has Facebook but Saverin’s Got Stock in Singapore

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal deftly described the “Kardashian-like” fame of one of Facebook’s early founders, Eduardo Saverin — now in Singapore. Despite his 33% stake in the social networking site being whittled down to 2%, Saverin seems to be doing just fine. His 2% of a 96 billion dollar company has allowed him to make numerous multi-million dollar investments, mostly in U.S. based companies, but also in a few start-ups in Singapore, where the technology mogul has been living since 2009.

Since that time, Saverin has been relentlessly followed by Singaporean media and fans who have devoted entire blogs and websites to suggestions of where one might find Saverin. The sites are embellished with stories of his late night escapades, full of details about his expensive clothes, cars, alcohol, and beautiful women.

Adoring fans inundate his Facebook with “likes” and comments requesting to meet him in person. Furthermore, he is no conservative with regards to his investments in other companies. Although he contributes mostly to American companies, he has invested over 6.5 million each in the Singapore businesses Anideo, which creates mobile iOS applications, and a cosmetics brand by Miss Singapore, Rachel Kum.

But despite his celebrity, Saverin remains somewhat shy, often refusing to be interviewed and canceling many scheduled press appearances at the last minute. Singapore has quickly learned that the real Saverin is quite different from the technology nerd that the 2010 film The Social Network portrays him as, despite his lavish lifestyle.




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