Most of us have heard the story of the Runaway Bride, but probably not one told quite like this! Shamini Flint’s fifth installment of her bestselling book series, Inspector Singh Investigates: A Curious Indian Cadaver, goes far beyond the tale of a missing bride, chronicling the mind of a sweaty, plump Indian inspector who isn’t too keen on family reunions or arranged marriage ceremonies. But lo and behold, Inspector Singh is pulled right in to one, from the warm comforts of his home to the crowded streets of India. All is much to his dismay, and hilariously so.After being persuaded to attend a wedding with his wife, Inspector Singh finds himself in the heart of India, called upon to use his skills to find the missing bride-to-be. The novel takes readers through twists and turns with the witty Inspector Singh as their humorous yet calculative tour guide — though he doesn’t just weave us through a juicy mystery. Inspector Singh’s investigation paints a vivid image of India’s culture and lifestyle. Readers encounter the darker side of India’s impoverished citizens and are taken through its congested streets. They are made aware of the many facets of the Indian identity, such as its patriarchy and arranged marriages, as well as its religious tension and strong devotion to family. Flint’s animated writing style brings India to life in a way that transforms the country from a setting to a character in itself, playing a vital role in both helping and hindering Inspector Singh in cracking the case. Readers will be more than curious to see where A Curious Indian Cadaver will lead them within this Indian adventure.

All in all, this is a great and exciting summer read that shouldn’t be missed!

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