TAIWAN: Why Should the People Know?

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Has Taiwan developed its first medium-range guided missile that can be used against mainland China? According to South China Morning Post and Michael Tsai, defense minister of the former government of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, this is true. In fact, Taiwan had successfully developed the missile back in 2008.

Although Tsai did not give any specifications of the actual weapon described in his book, “God Bless Taiwan,” he said, “We have to develop weapons on our own if we are to deter any attacks by [the mainland], which has targeted Taiwan with more than 1,000 missiles.”


The Liberty Times noted that Tsai used the term “medium-range guided missile” in contrast to the cruise missiles that are already part of Taiwan’s arsenal. These missiles could be launched from land or sea and are capable of hitting southeastern part of mainland China.


In response to this reported news, the defense ministry in Taiwan responded saying that this “may endanger national security” and that “Tsai should know that safeguarding national secrets is his due obligation.”

But isn’t Tawain supposed to be a practicing democracy?  If so, what about the citizen’s right to know? Surely Chinese mainland intelligence agencies know by now.


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