Our Star Columnist Joins ‘Civil Dialogue’ in the Caribbean

The Asia Media Middle East correspondent Latifah RahmDel and her friend Ayesha Sayed, the licensee and curator of TEDxUAEU, are visiting Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince from March 16 to April 4. They will join this year’s Civil Dialogue in the Caribbean states and interact with students, grassroot activists, and social entrepreneurs.

The purpose of Civil Dialogue is to ‘connect groups at extreme opposites and bring them together to learn about and appreciate each other through open conversations, guided interactions and joint activities.’

As their co-worker and friend, I am glad to hear that these two extremely intelligent and brave young ladies have started their humanitarian journey around the world.  I have no doubt that their trip to Haiti and Dominican Republic will generate endless thoughtful discussions about philosophy, politics, and humanity amongst the participants.

Best of luck to Latifah and Ayesha. Enjoy your trip and please visit your home office again sometime in the future.

Link to Civil Dialogue:



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