TAIWAN: China Sings its Way into Taiwanese Media

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Recently a Chinese singing competition, “I Am a Singer”, captivated social, television, and news media attention in Taiwan.
 “I Am a Singer” features seven Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong singers — former stars, whose stars had faded — who vie for another chance to make it big on the mandarin pop market. Every week the audience of five-hundred votes for their favorite singer and the least voted singer is removed. The twist is that every week, a new singer replaces the one removed creating a survivor aspect to the show.

This past week the finale aired on several Taiwanese cable channels, even replacing other popular shows like ETTV News’ talk show “Critical Moment.” The main reason for its wide coverage was the success of four Taiwanese contestants. Unfortunately Chinese duo Yu Quan won the show, with Taiwan’s Terry lin and Aska Yang left in the dust.


Taiwanese mandarin pop once dominated the market but in recent years, singers from mainland China have been taking their place at the top of the charts. The rising influence of China over the Taiwanese music industry is beginning to alarm Taiwanese netizens.


Lung Ying-tai, the culture minister of Taiwan, warns that Taiwan must work harder to keep the edge it has on the industry or they may lose it. However, she notes that Taiwan is still in the race as many of the songs sung in the competition were composed and written by Taiwanese musicians.


Does Taiwan have what it takes to maintain top dog status on the charts?


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