MALAYSIA: Elections Up In Flames!

MARLENA NIP WRITES- The National party of Malaysia is up in flames! Tuesday night, it quite literally was up in flames.


Two bottles containing gasoline were found in the headquarters of the Barisan Nasional (BN) party. It is predicted that persons from the opposition party were aiming to burn the historic site for supporters of the BN party. The perpetrators were unsuccessful in their mission but could this be a foreshadowing of the result of the campaign?


Tensions have been high between the opposition party and the national party. With elections right around the corner, each side is doing whatever is necessary to gain all the votes they can get. The opposition party is hoping to defeat the national party that has been in power since Malaysia gained independence from Britain. Many Malaysians view the government as corrupt because of the BN party, and hope to see change in this next election. Depending on how extreme the opposition party is, we could see more criminal activities arise. If the opposition can keep their cool until Election Day, May 5th, they have a good chance to see the BN party out of office.


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