CHINA: Blogging Crackdown

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – Everything you type can and will be held against you.

Microblogging has become insanely popular over the past few years in China, much like Twitter here in the US. Many critics on these micro blog sites have become online superstars whose millions of followers read, debate and perpetuate the distribution of their constant comments on current news, which often mock public officials. The Communist Party has had enough and is cracking down on them harder than ever before.

When it comes to the spread of radical ideas, the Chinese government can never be too careful. Calling it “malicious rumor-mongering,” they have begun a propaganda and police offensive against the spreading of controversial comments and ideas via blogging. Police forces all across China have declared hundreds of microblogger arrests since August, charging them with fabricating and distributing false statements, many of which could be considered detrimental to the careers of public officials.

For weeks, the state-run news media has been warning bloggers to watch what they type.  In this case, if you don’t have anything nice to say, saying it could land you in deep trouble.

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