SINGAPORE: Lee Kuan Yew School Provides a Platform for an American Media Man’s View of Asia

LKY School 2

Distinguished Indian academic and journalist Kanti Prasad Bajpai, vice dean for research (pictured above), warmly introduced U.S. columnist and author Tom Plate earlier this month at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. The event was an hour-long presentation on the new book IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUTURE: TOM PLATE ON ASIA, published by Marshall Cavendish International (Asia), by Plate, who is also the founder of The New Asia Media. The school, headed by the famed  scholar and commentator Kishore Mahbubani, is widely viewed as the best by far in Southeast Asia and as one of the finest public policy schools globally. A high-quality video of the event can be found at


Plate was visiting Singapore at the invitation of the Singapore Writers festival 2013, the subject of this article:


More information about the LKY School is available at


IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUTURE is now available in many English-language bookstores in Asia, through well-known retail Internet portals such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and directly through the publish Marshall Cavendish (Singapore, New York, London).  E-mail:



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