Asian art from the Republic of Korea and from all over the globe’s many Korean diasporas has become an awesome trend on the contemporary art scene.  Like K-Pop, K-Art is sweeping the world.

Over the past year, Korean Eye 2012 became an internationally acclaimed collection of key works by 33 contemporary Korean artists: painters, sculptors and photographers. This exhibition — which played in Seoul, New york, Abu Dhabi and London — seeks to highlight how contemporary Korean artists are exploring and bringing into play a wide diversity of new materials bound together by the use of time-established and more innovative techniques. The exhibition is presented by Standard Chartered who, as the Lead Sponsor, is committed to help and participate in the development of Korean Art, both on home ground and internationally.

The Korean artists Hong Sungchul uses various media and modern technology to communicate the deep desire for human contact through the use of elastic strings with printed images – most commonly depicting the human body. After his  study of sculpture in California, Sungchul began to experiment with other materials. His most widely known three-dimensional works on elastic string represent two extreme ideas in life: anxiety and release – while elastic string can be flexible, it can also become stiff once tightened. His string concept reflects humanity from the earliest stages of life and can expose that of support or of loneliness.

The New Asia Media thanks  Standard Chartered, the Lead Sponsor.


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