NORTH KOREA: The Amazing Disappearing Dictator!

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Watch out, David Copperfield, you’ve got a new competitor! Earlier this month, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un finally reappeared after mysteriously disappearing in early September. Although there was speculation about the reasons for his disappearance, we can all agree on one thing: the North Korean government has pulled off the ultimate vanishing act.

North Korea’s isolation and tight control over pretty much everything within its borders make it incredibly easy for any of the country’s officials to disappear and reappear. But why would such a high-profile figure like Kim Jong-Un need to be kept out of the sight of both the North Korean public and the rest of the world?

Various reasons for Kim’s absence were suggested. Based on his absence and a statement that suggested he was not feeling well, some suggested that he had gout or that he was receiving treatment for foot injuries supposedly caused by his weight gain and tendency to wear platform shoes.

In Kim’s most recent appearance, he was seen walking with a cane as he toured a new neighborhood being built for scientists. The state-run media did not give any reasons for his new accessory, nor did they mention anything about when the tour was. They merely stated that he was overseeing the construction of various buildings in the new neighborhood.

If this was what Kim was doing during his absence, what’s with the cane? Clearly, something else must have gone on. Perhaps he really did receive treatment for a foot injury.

Until the North Korean media confirms Kim’s absence and why he now leans on a cane, we may never know what exactly happened during his absence.

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