The ‘Umbrella Revolution’ proceeds apace in Hong Kong, with the world’s spotlight on it undimmed. Editorials and columns appear in newspapers and websites around the world, supporting the protestors or calling for calm, or even urging Beijing to remain open to discussion and permit some review of its decision on the mechanics and ethics of the 2017 election.

Asia Media founder and editor in chief Tom Plate has contributed a pair of columns in the past two months that overtly search for some plausible ‘middle ground’ that might move Hong Kong forward without challenging Beijing’s sovereign right over the island territory. But to some in Hong Kong, such opinionating is intrusive, unwarranted and preposterous. Outsiders, especially in Los Angeles, should stay out of this – it’s not their fight!

A strong and heatfelt sample of this perspective can be found at TIM HAMLETT’S BLOG – see

Professor Plate’s most recent effort to propose a middle ground in his syndicated column was featured in two of Asia’s highest-quality English-language dailies: the Straits Times of Singapore and the South China Morning Lost of Hongkong.

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