INDONESIA: New Fashion Statements at Jakarta’s Fashion Lab

MICHELLE VARINATA WRITES– Known as the land of fancy malls and designer boutiques, the city of Jakarta is currently running Fashion Lab, sponsored by the department store Galeries Lafayette. Aiming to promote local talent, Fashion Lab hosts fashion shows at the Galeries Lafayette so the designers can gain international recognition.  Currently,  only nine designers are presenting. Among the designers is Tex Saverio, who is best known for designing Katniss’ wedding dress in the Hunger Games.

On his Facebook page, Saverio announces that his collection is available for purchase at Galeries LaFayette until November 9. In the age of smartphones and social media, Facebook is proving to be an effective force for emerging designers like Saverio – boosting careers while designers collections are on display in stores. Tex had a steady fan base prior to the start of the event, and proudly mentioned that “almost everything was sold out by the second week.” Tex’s collections sell quickly due to his penchant for couture-like dramatic details and ornate materials.

While luxurious designer gear is highly valued in Indonesia, Fashion Lab doesn’t limit itself to exclusively exhibiting luxury designers. Casual ready-to-wear pieces (e.g. a shift dress featuring oversized penguins) are simultaneously presented with the luxury, high-priced items. All of these pieces from each designer’s A/W 2014 collections are presented to the public. Once the show ends, Galeries Lafayette will choose the best pieces of each collection and make them available for international purchase.

While the event is still going on, check out Galeries LaFayette’s Facebook for more news on Fashion Lab.  Click this link if you want to get a better look at the grand opening of the show.


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