INDIA: eBay Introduces a Whopper of a Sales Plan

ADRIAN NARAYAN WRITES – The world’s second largest burger joint is utilizing eBay in one of the most interesting ways. Burger King has laid out a plan to get Indians to pre-order its sandwiches online.

Burger King aims to sell online vouchers to help promote this new idea.  Consumers can purchase a burger for the promotional price of 128 rupees (equivalent to $2.08USD) through eBay. A potentially innovative idea, this marketing technique was officially launched on November 9. In terms of the volume of sales, the fast food chain has received over 1,200 eBay online orders for Whoppers since it’s launching date.

Additionally, Burger King has turned to social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook to help promote the idea. In the coming weeks, Burger King has high hopes for an increase in sales. If successful, this idea could lead to a new trend in how consumers purchase their food products.

The burger joint has yet to comment on the skepticism some are voicing. Analysts have pointed out that although the idea is risky, it has potential to succeed.  While Burger King’s original sandwiches are beef in America and other countries, this isn’t the case in India. Aware of the religious dietary disciplines of Muslims and Hindus, they have substituted beef for chicken, vegetables, and mutton.

It is unclear as to why consumers would purchase the sandwiches online in advance when they could buy it them in the restaurant. It is clear, however, that Burger King is attempting to cultivate India’s strong interest in eCommerce through this innovative idea.

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